Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A hands-on approach to blind mouse juggling.

Is Jane a contemporary workflow aficionado with no time on his hands ??
Working on a new Super8mm project and considering making an EDL from a telecine via Cinema Tools and Final Cut Pro is honestly an absolute beeyotch.  From the EDL, Jane will need to cut the film's negative and then make a sound print via A/B rolls. The sound editing part is always the most fun(once a musician, always a musician).

This will be Janey's first time using a telecine and Cinema Tools to edit a film, and most of the information found involves a two-transfer telecine process (all dailies in SD first then select shots from EDL in HD).

Jane's shooting ratio will be fairly low, as usual. The film is a visual poem. Jane would like to avoid transferring images twice and use the HD edit as the potential video master. So, if possible, Jane would like to just go ahead and transfer all rushes to HD Pro Res 24fps (no window burn) with Evertz keylog file, edit in FCP (Final Cut Pro), generate an EDL, and cut the negative without running into any issues (3:2 pulldown or otherwise). Cleaning up sound is never a problem.
Can any of Janey foresee any problems with this simplified, online-all-the-time workflow? Of course, LIFE. Juggling life responsibility while trying to make a film is no easy task. It is a beeyotch. No matter how hard one tries to eliminate life's binding ropes, obstacles and road bumps will always present themselves. In the end, I assume that as we get older we become better skilled at prioritizing what balls to juggle into our personal airspace (and how fast and high to throw the balls). 
I wish I had time for a nice meal. I wish I could go to a fancy restaurant and lift my pinky up to nice cold iced drink:( At least I have been accepted into a prestigious law school (even though I have decided to not tell anybody about my acceptance letter and I do not want to celebrate possibly being an attorney).
Is Janey simply being a naïve and dumb forgetful clown by not really living up to the standards of a substantial and full life (training circus bears has nothing to do with socialization or editing of a film so please notice that I am not including any large mammals in this bitching-session blog)? Probably so, despite my definitive short-term  memory problem. But back to refocusing the lens here... The bottom line is that Jane feels like this method could work (meaning Jane's creative work taking priority over other things)- soooooooo: the two transfer process seems designed for large-scale productions.  

CONCLUSION: Can the juggling (i.e. multi-tasking) of life responsibility become too cumbersome to establish a required social and creative balance that would be needed to complete this project (do you mean the film project or your life project??? Be clear or I will feel that you do have the early stages of Alzheimers Dementia). Only time will tell.  Even Jane will soon see (no pun intended, since Jane's loss of eyesight) if there will ever be any true applause for this ballad Jane has made of his/her life? A sad but true discovery is probably not. Most artists end up alone. Yoani Sanchez says, "Life usually makes a mockery of our expectations"

Yoani says to use time like a Cuban ration card. and then bye (meaning buy) yourself some more time.  BYE AGAIN.