Thursday, December 31, 2015

'A writer does not see the future, he sees the present.'

- gore vidal

Them poor rhinos.

Almost confirmed now that rhinos will be extinct within 10 years time. This is all due to 'poacher syndicates' slaughtering them for their horns. Horn value is as much as an ounce of gold in Africa. The only potential hope for an extension of their lifespan will be potential zoo capitivity laws. Crazy. A book titled, 'killing for profit' covers the wicked poaching industry. Buy(not bye) the book if you can't find at your tax paying public library. Bye now. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


One must have a mind of winter 
To regard the frost and the boughs 
Of the pine-trees crusted with snow; 

And have been cold a long time 
To behold the junipers shagged with ice, 
The spruces rough in the distant glitter 

Of the January sun; and not to think 
Of any misery in the sound of the wind, 
In the sound of a few leaves, 

Which is the sound of the land 
Full of the same wind 
That is blowing in the same bare place 

For the listener, who listens in the snow, 
And, nothing himself, beholds 
Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.

  bye  2015.

Natural Born Killer Voice.

Meet the film cast (the lead players) ...

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Before Sid Vicious was in the Sex Pistols he asked Lemmy Kilmister to teach him to play bass. But only after a few days Lemmy gave up and said "Sid, you can't play bass" Sid replied "No, I know" and walked away. A couple of months later Lemmy met Sid at The Speakeasy in London.

- Sid Vicious: "Hey Lemmy, guess what! I’m in The Pistols."
- Lemmy: "What do you mean?"
- Sid Vicious: "I’m the bass player in the Pistols. It’s great, innit?"
- Lemmy: "You can’t play bass, Sid."
- Sid Vicious: "Yeah, yeah, I know, but i’m in the fucking pistols!"

Actress Kristen Stewart Q and A session at awards for 'SILS MARIA' ...

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burp. excuse moi. bye.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Rare interview in which her father's profession as a venom doctor is mentioned. What was not mentioned is that he died very young and before she had entered into the world of avant-garde music and performance art in the suburbs of Bromley.

Eat the rich in Heaven, Lemmy.




or watch the classic film, 'CLASS OF 1984' on 35mm at a late night special retrospective screening !...

Wow - r.i.p. Motörhead Lemmy

Lemmy died of cancer at 70. Speechless. R.I.P. Lemmy :(
You will always be the Ace of Spades


Monday, December 28, 2015

good heath. nce(sic) bike. it's not my bike, I own a Raleigh. bye. but wait. not yet. something sickening before the ride is over. CBGB's was killed and now it has been made into a restaurant at the airport. unreal. stomach pains. ..

 p.s.  CBGB's was the final place that I performed at when touring as a drummer and it was the place that marked the end, by choice, of my music career and the beginning of my walk into film. That said, and as I think about that timely death in which I literally buried my drum kit into a coffin- it has been reported that 69 journalists were confirmed killed (and that number represents only known deaths) in 2015.


Jeb who ?

Sources in the Trump camp say they will soon launch a major ad blitz that could cost at least $2 million a week, and possibly several times that.
The initial wave of ads will focus on Trump’s vision and his stance on key issues—no bio spots necessary for the celebrity candidate—but that could change if any GOP rivals target him with negative commercials. “If you attack Trump, he will attack you 10 times as hard,” an adviser says. “We will not allow any attack to go unanswered.”
The Trump camp is working with a Florida-based advertising firm, as widely reported, but also with several other media companies, some of which are well-known in the political community, the sources say.
Their advantage, in Iowa, New Hampshire and beyond, is that the bombastic billionaire can just write a check for the TV campaign. Some pundits have expressed skepticism that Trump really wants to dig deeply into his personal fortune, but these sources insist he is ready to do just that—perhaps as much as $100 million for advertising overall. “Our Super PAC,” says the adviser, “is Donald Trump’s bank account.”
The original plan was to saturate the airwaves so that the real estate mogul could define himself before his GOP rivals did it for him. But Trump says he had no need to do that because he generated such saturation coverage, all of it free.
If Trump pours big bucks into an ad campaign—and no budget has been set—he could again confound the prognosticators. While Trump enjoys a 20-point lead in national polls and dominates many state polls, he and Ted Cruz have been trading the lead in Iowa, where a win could give the Texas senator momentum and let some air out of the Trump invincibility balloon. A Gravis poll just before Christmas had Trump and Cruz tied in Iowa at 31 percent.

Trump himself tweeted over the weekend, “The same people that said I wouldn't run, or that I wouldn't lead or do well (1st place and leading by 21%), now say I won't beat Hillary.”
Still, the polls suggest that Trump could have a tough time, especially with Hillary Clinton holding a built-in Electoral College advantage against any Republican challenger.
  Barbara Bush's response to the Trump campaign.

P.S. Thinking of epic William Buckley today due to all of this cheap shot phony nonsense...

Welcome to DIY anti-Hollywood homemade technology.


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Sunday, December 27, 2015

He got fired a few times too- a true rebel 'with' a cause.

His 1969 Medium Cool mixed documentary and dramatic elements, telling the story of a fictional television photographer (Robert Forster) who covers the violence between Chicago police and protesters at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. The real-life unrest was filmed on the spot for the movie, and its "cinema verite" approach was closely studied by aspiring filmmakers.

"I was under surveillance for the entire seven weeks I was in Chicago, by the police, the Army and the Secret Service," Wexler once told a reporter.

Throughout his career, Wexler was noted for his versatile and intuitive approach.

For Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, the last film to receive an Oscar for best black and white cinematography, he used hand-held cameras to capture the tension of the tirades between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.




Creating a do-it-urself swamp scene ...


Preparing to shoot an underwater swamp scene by using an underwater camera housing unit and a giant filthy turtle tank dressed up to the max in a bath tub. bye.
 Coming Soon ...

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The Bill Stout interview...

Trumbo kaboom.

'Trumbo' will(and should) win best picture in 2016 for all of the wrong and all of the far 'right' reasons. Bye. 

P.S. 'Johnny Got His Gun' was written by Trumbo. Such a classic fiction that literally came true for him. 


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Buzz (go away)

Houseflies are so friggin' ballsy and annoying and are buzzing proof of how important the patent on RAID was. 
bye. and a quickie P.S. mentalnote on pestering flies


Press Conference for SHELTER


Friday, December 25, 2015

Principal photography on the film began on August 17, 2015 in and around Los AngelesOn September 8, 2015, filming moved to New York Citywhere it was shot in BrooklynWoody Allen has moved to digital for the first time, using a Sony CineAlta F65 camera for his 47th film. Interesting. Especially knowing that his 2015 release of 'Irrational Man' was shot and edited on film. bye.


"I'm trying to work in studio movies, but they won't hire me. I get feedback from my agent saying, 'She's too much of an indie queen.' And then on the other side, my name doesn't get the financing to do a movie over $1 million. And I'm called 'the indie queen.' So it's really a challenging path because I know so much about the indie side of the business. Because I grew up in it... But it's different times. And this stuff gets projected onto me. People are like, 'You're here [at the Sundance film festival] every year, you do so many indie movies.' And I'm like, 'No, I did Broken English five years ago."  Parker Posey

Putin takes a selfie.


The gift of music making 'rejection' two-fold.

As a Christmas gift to fans, Thom Yorke, the lead singer and songwriter of English alternative rock band, uploaded his submission for Sam Mendes' Spectre. "Last year we were asked to write a theme tune for the Bond movie Spectre," Yorke revealed on SoundCloud. "Yes we were. It didn’t work out, but became something of our own, which we love very much. As the year closes we thought you might like to hear it. Merry Christmas. May the force be with you."

The film's financial producers officially announced in September that Sam Smith's "Writing's on the Wall" was selected as the film's title theme. The entire debacle just proves that the greatest creative art will always find it's breathing space (or in this case, a cloud). Enjoy. The idea of releasing/uploading the unused sound work on SoundCloud as a gift to the world via internet was Santa spirit at its best. So inspiring.  bye.

Exteriors: Run


Found this great exterior location today on a run. I gotta and I'm gonna - use it. Then I'm gonna drink from it's working water fountain. Yuppo. Bye


Yup, that's why they met at France.

Climate Change - it's real. Like Santa? 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Where's Wilson ?

'The Revenant' is 'Castaway' without coconuts and volleyballs. That said, the 'First Blood'esque exteriors are gorgeous. And great ZZ TOP beards throughout, The bear maul attack scene makes this film worth a person's time. It is no joke and a reminder that what
              is wild, stays wild. Respect that. I rode a Citibike with DiCaprio in TriBeca with his beard- the beard is real. And the beard was wild.  bye.

One more day until Santa trashes stuff.

            drone-cam chopper. 
                                      and a jellyfish that can't submerge cams. bye.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'The Metrograph' opens soon (more to come)

The venue will feature new theatrical releases, retrospectives and screenings of classic 35mm prints, and the film selection will be “fairly rigorous,” said Jake Perlin,the Metrograph’s programming and artistic director.

At the other end of the scale is Spectacle, a 30-seat cinema (pictured below) that has occupied a former bodega in Brooklyn for the past five years. The venue’s adventurous programs have included “The Shining Backwards and Forwards,” in which the Stanley Kubrick film is projected in both directions to disturbing effect. 
The shows are put together by a collective of some 40 volunteers, and have made a mark with underground films and retrospectives of hard-to-find work by provocative directors, such as the Estonian animator Priit Pärn and the Polish filmmaker Piotr Szulkin (and also Moi aka YOURS TRULY).