Sunday, November 30, 2008

William and the WHITNEY...

I was looking for "NEW" toy to play with, a NEW tool. I have been intrigued by the old PORTAPAC video system used in the late 60's and early 70's. This camera system was used in the documentary "THE POLICE TAPES" and the video image looked gorgeous. Smears of light, unexpected splashes of video-Noise. AHHHHHHHH, LOVE IT! Total unpredictable beauty.

Photographer William Eggleston was being showcased at the WHITNEY MUSEUM so I decided to go check out his "process", listen to the lecture and hear about his use of the Portapac Video system in his exploration of the "moving picture". It "looked" great BUT there was an immediate MAJOR problem. The PORTA PAC was being wheeled out in a WHEELBARROW! Literally! That is how the 75 minute film that he made of the South opens up, a friend with a wheelbarrow lugging what looks like 300 lbs. of video box luggage. CALL ME SPOILED BY SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT AND THE ALMIGHTY HI8mm BUT I AINT GOING ) ORDER ANY DAMN PORTA PAC after seeing that!

Overall, my day at the WHITNEY was inspiring. I saw images that moved me (particularly 5x7 blown up BLACK AND WHITE portraits) and was reminded of the important responsibility that I have to continue to "move foward" as an artist and not get boggled down by any person, or any disappointment.

I am still dealing with the fact that Eggleston was a sophisticated redneck who took some pretty damn good pictures. I did not know that this was possible. Guess I have been working in the Bronx way too long. huh.