Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feet in Boiling Water ?

Gimme a break. The only interesting thing about new quasi-doc film LAST EXORCISM is to witness the evolution of this new Genre of cinema completely grown from cheap video availablity (and corporate sharks swimming around the lucrative territory to make money$$$$. Did I smell a LAWYER? somewhere)

Anyways, this film is a sandwich of Blair Witch Project, Open Water, Paranormal Activity and Rosemaries Baby all in one boring 90 min. Dont waste your money on this. If you want some real action....if you want some real shivers, blow your money on a Ouija Board. And dont tell the othere player you got the bottom of the thing "rigged up".


Saturday, August 28, 2010


Dear Jane (i.e. Dear ME), what did you purchase today at a "talked down" rate?

Dear YOU (i.e. meaning ME part 2): YELLOW GLASSES!!!!

ME (part 3)

p.s. they are cheap and should last a good 6 days.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watching my "Vlogs" in my car

I (meaning JANE) enjoyed driving around randomly (i.e. no destination).

ME (meaning i) enjoyed watching myself talking to a self-recorded camera in my VLOGS (video journals) on my ipod set-up suctioned to my vehicle windshield. 91 minutes of video-journaling. 91 minutes of listening to the ups and downs of my creative process, and how things panned out or "didn't" pan out at times.

Fun. fun. fun.

p.s. see my face in the ipod screen. yes. he (meaning me) is a cutey-pie.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Film: A Cliff "portrait study"

I want to make a film based upon a portrait study of rhythms created by the Cliffs of the North East Coastline.
I am notating ideas for the visuals. And sound.

Stay Tuned.
Pardon the shaky cam as i walk back to my car. Ran to take notes (where? Rhode Island Cliffs)


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Malaysia Film Fest !

Yours Malaysia...


P.S. KLEX aims at introducing both historical and contemporary experimental cinema to the Malaysian audience, nurturing the experimental film and videomakers in the region, and developing experimental cinema communities in Malaysia. KLEX will be a venue for a discourse on critical issues related to the edge of cinema art.

Friday, August 20, 2010

My "SPOKEN WORD" performance in Brooklyn

David Shuff comment: You did great man! Several people at the drinks after told me how awesome your story was and how they didn't even care if you went over because they were hooked.

Benjamin Scheim comment: Joey!! Your story was great and EVERYONE was psyched you were able to tell it. We're really happy you came and all look forward to seeing you again and hopefully hearing another one!

Jessika Sutberry comment: You are a storytelling idol. When you get rich and famous dont forget us little people. WE DONT SLEEP WAITING FOR YOUR STUFF! Its official, we r starting a fanclub. Period.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Editing my film trailer

Trailers are so fun to create. Total propaganda. One has the ability to "tease" in order to "trance" large groups of people (usually strangers) to "submit" to a "Bigger Picture". FUN. FUN. FUN!

Fun Film-Icons T-shirt gallery

Ingmar Bergman and Werner Herzog T-shirts designed after heavy metal Rock Gods groupie wear. Too funny.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Colony of Poison.

I have to work on a trailer tonight, but that's besides the Point. DO this Blog first. Jane. Hello! Jane! Let's talk about "THE COLONY". Let's wake da brain up and talk bout that bee movie (reference here is regarding the documentary film I, ME, JANEY just saw at the IFP Docs Fest downtown (its your responsibility to look up the address of that tiny place READER).

I Like It (he said, he meaning ME).

Very "formula" doc (yep. OMG, they have formulas now. So bad, that it makes me happy i never picked up things like "cooking". I don't wanna ever get bitten by the "formula"bee (no pun intended, actually Bull, TOTAL PUN INTENDED)

Another film revealing the problems that are prevalent (and growing) within our eco-environment-corruption-marketplace. HE (i.e. me) meaning the U.S. Commercial Industry, Capitalism and the demise of the "small business guy" (Mom and Pop BeeKeepers). All around the pollenization of the honeybee that is required for us to eat our Blueberries and Almonds.

There is an epidemic. The bees are dying. The farmers are screaming for help. Noones doing anything. We will soon need to be buying certain foods in foreign countries. Why? Due to Poison. Due to the market of Pesticide. It is killing All of us slowly. And now even the bees.


My new Oreo cookie keys.

Friday, August 13, 2010

cambodian betrayals and cam batteries.

Strange experience. Felt more like I was observing a “revenge” flick ala Charles Bronson, while at the same time feeling an uncomfortable $10 splurging for a HOW TO CONDUCT A BETRAYAL movie. But hold on Jane, chill. Isn’t this thing about a deserved betrayal? Ummm, yes. Buuuuuut the idea of a 10 year preparation to hang (metaphorically speaking) a person via a documentary filmmaking in Cambodia bothered me. Perhaps it was the lack of actual Cambodian genocide footage that created this strife. Honestly, not sure. By definition, what happened in the killing fields of Cambodia (i.e. the senseless killings) by the hands of that communist radical regime , deserved retribution. But at what cost? Is it ok to get more blood on some sticky hands while seeking a lil “payback”? If you wanna win many indie awards, then that answer is- YES.

Strange experience. For me. As an artist. And a humanitarian. The filmmaker could have simply notified the International authorities about the whereabouts of this murderous political monster that he interviewed. Why engage in more negativity and discrete horror. Maybe, for a movies sake, we all like to pay money for a little action-packed story. I don’t think anyone should feel sorry for this old man who is betrayed by the filmmaker after committing himself to a phony friendship of 10 years to get a few confessions for his audience (DID ANYONE JUST SAY, "LEN" )- but the audience would have been on board with or without “setting up” the old Uncle. I feel. But wait a second- who IS the real audience?

Strange experience. that paid off in very weird ways. I still think about this film, in terms of it’s accomplishments (not in art style and/or aesthetic). In the end, I left reminded that ALL people are capable of very terrible things. Very cruel things. Very evil things. I am still recovering form the realization/reminder that not only “bad” people do “bad” things, but actually “good” people have that capacity as well. A sad thing to be reminded of. A despicable truth. And probably why Julia Roberts does so well, repeadtidly, with her campy fun-loving good spirited girl with a smile moviez. In general, most people don’t wanna be reminded of this kind of stuff. And don’t need to be.

Especially not me.

But did you like it Jane?
Yeah, I guess I did.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

STickers (unaffordable BUTworth a cell-shot)

Yes. I LUV stickers. BUT these were a lil' off budget. so what did you do instead Janey? ummm, i took pictures of the stickers with my cell-fone instead. i figured, "capture the memory of the thing with a Kodak Moment" there you are.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

RISD professor's memorial site.

Weird. strange. Thought provoking. What happened at RISD Jane? Well, a painful realization that celluloid is confirmed to be dead- and digital has won the expensive ruthless war. "this writer" (i.e. ME) went to visit the gravesite of Paul Krot, respected photographer/professor at RISD RHODE ISLAND SCHOOL OF DESIGN (died prematurely of cancer. An early demise he had actually predicted BEFORE his diagnosis of cancer). His gravesite is a beautiful stone designed after a canister can of film developer !!!

This was, hands down, the most amazing cemetery i have ever been to in my life (and that includes Paris).

Goodbye (but not a gravesite bye bye, but a digital TTFN)


Friday, August 6, 2010

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brilliant Cyclops

Here is a link to a young woman who recently lost her eye during a protest (Israel vs Palestine). She was just an artist, getting "involved", and a tear-gas missiled canister was shot to her face. She is now at Cooper Union and refuses to have a false eye implanted. She creates her own glasses to cover up her lost eye. Weird irony: she had an EYEBALL as her logo BEFORE this happened to her! What strange things happen in this life that we live, huh. WEIRD and WEIRDER.

here is a link to her blog site:

p.s. i am currently in Rhode Island to visit Brown and am way excited (and stuffed). Very nice kind people in Rhode Island. Interesting and THANK GOD!

Monday, August 2, 2010

It never seems to End.

One would assume that now that all of the coverart for the three films (i.e. trilogy of my teen-educational series) has been completed and printed, i could go out and celebrate and not think about film/writing/doing. ummm, nope. already gotta get focused for the next project. A major party in the movie buisiness game (i have been sworn to not say the Name) is interested in my work and in particular a new feature length idea. I am typing and scribbling away. I can say one thing for sure: my next film WILL BE A FAIRY TALE.
I am zipping up my mouth after that leak.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Learning Experience(in a cheap doc)

"Who Killed Nancy" was both terrible, and meaningful, at the very same time. From an aethetic standpoint, the film was done in the most despicable cheap video around. BUT. The information was so extremely informative, and delivered such importance, that it serviced a respectable "Means to a cheap-video End". I am now absolutely certain that punk musician Sid Vicious (John) did not murder his wacky girlfriend Nancy. The evidence provided by the police reports, the testimonies from all of those who were in the room (rm. 100) at the Chelsea Hotel that night, successfully do what the NYC police department, Rikers Island, and criminal court never got the chance to do (since Sid aka John died a month after the crime committed).
All "story" aside, there was a statement made by a member of that movement that impacted me profoundly. "Drug addiction is a disease. And how can you hate a person inflicted with a disease. That's like hating those who are suffering cancer." It is so true, and carries such complexities. When you love a person, who is inflicted with this "disease", it's so hard to not get angry at all of the the collateral damage that tags along. The Thefts. The Lies. The Cheating. The Devious behaviour. The Relapses. All = Tuff stuff. You see this film and you hear about his mother (who committed suicide when the Sex Pistols reunited) literally bringing him bags of needles at his apartment because she "loved her son so much" and you just sit there in your seat, drop your popcorn, and realize that Every Single Problem that we have stems from the beginning of our childhood. Makes ya wanna go dig up Freud and throw darts at him....or popcorn. Salted, of course. Why salted?? ummmm, contempt. the truth hurts Sig. Not Sid, SIG!

Tattoo artist Jess will be my victim(viceversa)

I studied this artist (Jess) "at work". I want her to give me my first tattoo. When i am ready, i will go get the deed done. my goal: Texts. Writings. Things close to my heart/life that will be permanently embedded into me. FOrever.