Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The local Baker.

Rick Baker worked so well with Larry Cohen. Best make-up guy ever, and living proof that CGI means diddly squat when it comes to good & memorable(i.e. meaningful) creativity. bye

p.s. The Japanese 'Baker' 


Monday, June 29, 2015

Seafood stomach cramps.

Listening to Ridley Scott describe how he created the first 'alien' creature using oysters and clams for its internal organs. His film crew picked up seafood daily for fresh alien guts. And now, we are able to 'see' a 'seafood' classic. Such a great film, the first 45 minutes are nothing but long-shots and character development strategically planting the seeds for the suspenseful outer space horror. Bye.

Nice surprise package from John


p.s.  http://www.cinemablend.com

'The movie camera was invented in order to penetrate deeper into the visible world so that we do not forget what happens.'

- Diziga Vertov

The Union Jack.

Thank you, Angus for your 'Bromley' diligence. Let's make this happen.
More anon. 


DIY: constructing a site to meet one's needs.

The same techniques apply to film sets and exteriors without permits. bye.

Throwing Rotten Tomatoes since 'Howard the Duck' (1986)

p.s. Regarding rotten tomatoes …

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yigal Ozeri new oil works.

Working in oil, Ozeri has taken Photorealistic figurative painting to a new level of unsurpassed sophistication. Ozeri intentionally blends reality and fantasy with craftsmanship and beauty. Bye. 

Kung Fu soundtrack with Grasshopper's dialogue.


This is what goin' bananas looks like ...

Question ?

- What's red, green and smells like potato salad ?

- I'm not answering this because you are doing the same shit again!  Get a life!

- oh go to hell in a hand basket!  bye. 

When all else fails ...

... 'Let them eat cake.'
and love love love the work of Sofia Coppola. Actually even more than her dad's. Ooops. Yup. I said it. Bye

Friday, June 26, 2015


p.s.  And Thank You 4 the OutDoorScreening TidbiT link:

Private Benjamin and family helmets.

Kate Hudson does look exactly like her mum Goldie when riding her bike here in TriBeCa after 9pm. She wears a bike helmet, but I dont. And neither does Kurt Russell. Bye.


and a message to Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday ….


Day 2: The Recovery Stage.

Governor Cuomo called me last night at 4am and directly asked me to assist all of the broken down people in 'the pizza pie deprived community' that are suffering the terrible loss of the local pizza joint. 'The horror,' said Brando in that Vietnam disaster of a production flick. I feel that way today too, Marlon. My heart goes out to every last slice of pizza lost in this horror!  If only things could have gone differently on that hot sunny day that is now called , Yesterday…

 Me crying my ass off  (left ). 

Goodbye. My love. My could-have-been slice. Bye.  And to the match that did this: Burn in hell you filthy bastard !!!

The Edge.

'EdgeScience' is an interesting quarterly magazine. Bye. 

Please 'buckle up' everyone.

A friend of mine has survived this wreck (see pic below, moron). 

It was not his fault. Another driver simply tried to cut him off and then car spun out of control. Most people do not survive this. 

Please view this pic and buckle up daily. 


p.s.  ..