Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Its all about the bass, no treble.

'It’s not what people say, but what they do that matters.'

Flight of Ideas

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Tv dinner's soothe pain and taste damn good when they're on sale. And neither one of those two things have anything to do with an Ingmar Bergman book. 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Southern revival of a deceased: 'Expanded Cinema'

Cuthbert Georgia + Manhattan New York sets, 2014.

an Expanded Cinema and interdisciplinary experiment, fusing theatre and expanded cinema techniques. "The goal is not to have a clean, finished product, but rather, it is an exploration of the process of the work, which subsequently becomes the work. Through the use of found artifacts, archival film footage, live performance and sound design we hope to create a new language of theatre performance."

Q and A session pics
2014 Artists Rights Society (ARS)  r.i.p. Griffin Alley and George Stinney and Lena Baker.
Special Thanks to: Constance 'Connie' Winston,  J. Leigh S., Allied Productions, Dennis Harper, Ray Steehler, John Vodicka, and The Prison & Jail Project.

Link: http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/2014/10/06/selfies-against-the-death-penalty/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0

p.s. thank you Marvin.


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r.i.p. PACLAB

You never sold out. You will be missed. Thank you for the many years.  :(

p.s. im·mor·tal
  1. 1.
    living forever; never dying or decaying.
    "our mortal bodies are inhabited by immortal souls"
    synonyms:undyingdeathlesseternal, the horrible thoughts, everlastingnever-endingendless,lastingenduringceaseless, go order a thin crust pizza now! ok. I will do. bye.


dun  dun  dun !

BREAKING NEWS:  http://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-29365988

'Sucks being surrounded by well-off dilettantes,' said Janey guzzling down an afternoon blue Monster power drink. 'bye.' 

'You can die drinkin' that stuff, Jane! ,' huffed Werner.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

   ' The stardust has fallen.  '

'And Jane has fallen. Twice. Upon a miraculous Godsend grace~greasy mood. Jane has always been called 'moody', but this may be different. Duh. Jane, not Cara, landed himself flat on the cold floor after a body crash at the ice rink, desperately looking for that golden moment to have been designed to fall more privately flat on his rump for no other reason than to slide, shake, rattle, selfie and roll dat rump before any major internal injury could to settle in and before the next winter solstice thunderstorm begins. That could take time. Especially if your EZ PASS is out-of-order and C. Delevigne can afford hopping over train turnstiles till kingdom come. Next time watch the movie, 'Ice Castles' on YOUTUBE and you will be just as content with ur newly acquired rump & bum aches and pains. 

Here's a Bronx Cheer, Jane.  
You slippery fish, you. Chin up.


BODY OF ANOTHER (link below)

                 link : http://axwonline.com/body-of-another/


Beautiful rusty gated water tower.

What makes NYC endlessly special? No silly, not the eclectic choices of ethnic food but - guarded and vandalism protected thirst-quenching (umm, can't you see the water tower above...hello!)  rustic fixtures.  Bye. And did you notice that there are satellite dishes attached to the cage. I wonder if they used scotch tape. Think so? Hmm. Crazy. Yup. I woulda used scotch tape, for sure. But the problem is that I don't have any scotch tape. Nope. Darn. See ya!

Undercover Spies R Everywhere!!!
No place to hide. The bastards!

The idiot bird leaps out and drunken leans
Atop the broken universal clock:
The hour is crowed in lunatic thirteens.
Out painted stages fall apart by scenes

While all the actors halt in mortal shock:

The idiot bird leaps out and drunken leans.
Streets crack through in havoc-split ravines
As the doomstruck city crumbles block by block:
The hour is crowed in lunatic thirteens.

Fractured glass flies down in smithereens;
Our lucky relics have been put in hock:
The idiot bird leaps out and drunken leans.

The monkey's wrench has blasted all machines;
We never thought to hear the holy cock:
The hour is crowed in lunatic thirteens.

Too late to ask if end was worth the means,
Too late to calculate the toppling stock:
The idiot bird leaps out and drunken leans,

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The dead bear hug.

The cassette stopped playing the 'Thompson Twins' side A.

'Can I please borrow your pull-down movie screen Friday?'

' No!' screamed Teddy.

' But why not?'

'Cuz your such a film elitist!'

'No I'm not!  I'm just weird!  Oh, you know what. Just go to hell!!!'

The End.

The Duracell battery died too.
And cuddle was an imaginary impossibility.

2014 The Cuddly Rights Society (CRS). 
Any unauthorized commercial use of materials is strictly prohibited.  
Copyright © 2014. 

Climate Change 2014 Summit U.N. Today.

R.I.P. PACLAB. Just confirmed,PACLAB has officially gone under. There now exists no public available Reversal film laboratory for the film artist to develop 8mm film in NYC. All labs have been forced into closing and submission. To all fellow artists working in bathtubs and kitchen sinks- keep your fire burning. Never surrender
bye :(

p.s. Thank God for ppl like D. Fichter.. .


'Hook or crook' he snapped, coughed and grinned. 'What you really need here is a working DCA bulb, buddy. But please rewind this old IBM film for me. I'm pooped. That means exhausted. Go look it up in the dictionary idiot. bye.

Remember me Jane? My name is, 'NAGRA.' My picture is above, and I am analog... 
             "in most circumstances lighting, framing, lenses, coloring, and other key factors are far more important than the camera itself. The more tools that you have in your kit (including your own working knowledge of the craft), the less you need to rely on having a more powerful camera to save you in tough situations. But sometimes when you're gearing up for a shoot and you know things are going to be challenging enough as it is, it's worth going out and renting/borrowing a more appropriate cinema camera that will allow you to have a bit more wiggle room on set, even if it isn't the easiest choice to make."
       Wow, that's a big 'camera lens' picture! You should clean it.

Monday, September 22, 2014

I have No idea who Rebecca is.

  CHEERS "Becky'??(whoeverthatIsandWhoeverUAre) bye.

The Pooch Is All Buttered Up.

I got a parking ticket from an officer named, 'Britton Butters.' Totally worth it! 
But, Butter and Britton have, I mean has, absolutely NOTHING (all caps here.) to do with this picture of some old lady with her pooch at the post office. Not sure why it's here.  But...here it is!  (Bye dawgy).

Sunday, September 21, 2014

LINK: http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/23/magazine/old-masters-at-top-of-their-game.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&version=LargeMediaHeadlineSum&module=photo-spot-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0

The Heat Wave

Here are a few last reminders to make the day run smoooooth(ly):
  • The march to the U. N. leaves at 11:30 (think 10:00 am. think load camera chips). 
  • Use the hashtag #peoplesclimate.
  • At 12:58, pause the march, link hands overhead, sip a diet pepsi, and have a moment of silence for those most impacted by climate change (text ALARM to 97779 to help pull this off).
  • At 1:00 break the silence by ringing the climate alarm. This is when you must make a lot of noise (easy enuff).
  • stay hydrated. the end.