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   Taxation is theft.  

Friday, February 28, 2020

Thinkin' back at a time when I'd live at Sentry Self Storage- literally- and just write music and practice all day/night long while working at local hotels and tourist traps with bandmates for storage $$$ rent, food and gas for weekly gigs all over the place. We'd jump over fancy hotel fences to shower and pool crawl. Good times. I saved so much history in photo albums and ran into an actual local newspaper article I kept that documented what the bands were doing there. The storage place was not even a storage place anymore, it was a concrete cement walled make-shift band hangout and rehearsal living space. I had rigged up my room via the ceiling's light socket to even have a VCR to watch movies during band breaks. We had an oil heater to keep us warm, and even with that in the deep freeze winter seasons we'd routinely have to take 'warm our hands breaks' to keep going. I even had a dog there. Such a great time back then. We were a truly a gang. All the bands there were.

Biodegradable Innovation in Japan.

Ocean Size
Wish I was ocean size
They cannot move you
No one tries
No one pulls you
Out from your hole
Like a tooth aching a jawbone...
I was made with a heart of stone
To be broken
With one hard blow
I've seen the ocean
Break on the shore
Come together with no harm done...
It ain't easy living...
I want to be
As deep
As the ocean
Mother ocean

Thursday, February 27, 2020

iPhones and the movie biz

Winter Sound.

Old photos from analog studio recording rehearsals with Bob Gurske (RIP), Mark Morton (Lamb of God) and Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction). Winter Sound was the best place to record and rehearse music back in the day before Bob died of cancer. Bob was a drummer himself, so he knew exactly how to record drums for live stage or in-house acoustic environments. We'd (my bandmates and other musicians in the scene) literally lived in that place in the woods, write music all night long, smoke Marlboro Lights and usually work till around 3-4am on songs with no issues at all from any neighbors --- cuz there were no neighbors. This magical place was a homemade studio in the deepest of the country woods. Bob called his studio Winter Sound cuz the place was like something out of a Winter retreat meets The Shining hotel.

My drum kit being miked up by Bob while Mark discusses where to record the guitar rhythm tracks...
Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction drummer/studio brother) let me borrow a few crazy tom-tom drums that night that he'd gotten from Australia. Good times. Good tom-toms. 
Me and guitarist Mark Morton(Lamb of God)- rehearsals. 


Cookie cutters.

Amy’s one tough cookie. Amy Klobuchar is on FOX tv right now doing a Town Hall moderated by FOX NEWS partisans! That’s very cool. Desperate, but super cool. And brave.

                        Read some of the powder kegs directed at her...

Free College Course: Radicalized Socialism 101


Happy birthday, Nancy Spungen.


Wednesday, February 26, 2020

  election years(meetings)are exhausting.  

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust." 


Interesting. Bulletproof with or without the Brady Bill. 

Well, I gotta admit that Mikey Bloomberg’s delivery is far better at a Town Hall than a Debate. I’m watching his Town Hall now and he’s pretty good at explaining his candidacy objectives, and most importantly his failings over the years. Anderson Cooper has been mass shooting at him the entire hour and he’s taking the bullets like a mensch. bye

Old dolly work on the futuristic 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY


About our ever-changing weather.

As someone who studied some of this back in university in the 90s, let me provide some feedback. And let me preamble it by saying I am not a climate scientist. However, as part of a power systems course I took, I did a semester long project on climate change using data from the University of East Anglia and my own research. The climate is of course changing. There is no doubt about that. The planet is in a warming trend that started in the last ice age (approximately 10,000 years ago) and is persisting to today. None of that is in dispute. Now of course, the real question is: are humans having an effect? The answer is yes. How much of an effect is the question mark. But here is the facet of the argument that nobody mentions much, but is actually at the core of human impact: the primary reasons for human impact is not just the burning of fossil fuels as a result of the industrial revolution, but it is also strongly attributed to the boom in human population in the past 200 years. If you look at any chart of human population growth, you can easily see the correlation between the number of humans on the planet and the carbon increases in the same timeframe. 200 years ago, the population of the earth was just under one billion. Now, it is seven billion. Our population went up by a factor of seven in just two hundred years. Prior to that, you can see the trend was very gradual.Now why did that occur? Simple. Technology. We developed technology to make it easier for us to survive, such as coal fired furnaces, machinery to perform labor and modern medicine. The end result is that family sizes went up substantially. In the past, when a couple had five or six children, there was a high probability that at least half of them would not survive. Now, child mortality is very low. As is mortality due to childbirth for women. Now how does this factor into the discussion on climate change? First off, present generations need to stop catastrophizing and chastising previous generations. There wasn't any malicious intent on anyone's part. I would think that most people seeing child mortality being low and better medicine and technology would be good things. And unless someone wants to channel Thanos, the size of our population is not likely to decrease anytime soon. So where does this leave us? We have several technologies at our disposal to mitigate our carbon footprints. Those being renewables (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro-electric), cleaner fossil fuel burning, and nuclear.Based on the research I performed at the time in my report, the solution was emphatically clear: go nuclear. The energy density of nuclear power is so far above any of the other technologies at our disposal, that we could make a massive dent in our carbon footprint in a very sort span of time. Consider how much of a difference it would make if half of the USA for example drove electric cars and most of those electric cars received their power from nuclear power plants. Along with the vast majority of houses receiving nuclear power. And incidentally, any engineer worth their salt is fully aware of this. So why is this not occurring? Well, to put it simply: activism. Many individuals who have huge concerns for climate change simultaneously have a visceral dislike of nuclear power. Despite its obvious benefits. So they tout solar and wind as the primary options. However, these simply do not yield the necessary power to meet our needs. And additionally, they are variable; i.e. if the wind isn't blowing and the sun isn't shining, the power levels drop dramatically. In the end, here is my two cents: both sides of the argument need to stop using children to further their points. That is just a tactic to garner sympathy by exploiting a child. And it needs to stop. Furthermore, activists need to listen to the scientists. And I mean ALL the scientists. Not just the ones discussing the climate, but the ones who understand the real solutions.  And finally, it would help GREATLY if celebrities would listen to Ricky Gervais and please just shut the hell up. Nothing is more annoying than to listen to some sanctimonious, vacuous airhead try to get in the limelight by jumping on the bandwagon without any concrete knowledge of the subject. Our species is remarkably adaptable and has many bright minds at its disposal. We need to leverage those minds, give them the tools they need to produce viable solutions and stay out of their way. bye.


Soderbergh and Paltrow will see CONTAGION movie rentals and iTUNES download purchases surge after this smart marketing TWEET. Timing is everything, right?

80% of the viral medicine depends on China. Sad.

Whoever could have guessed that even death could have a MADE IN CHINA stamp on it?

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

The Booing galore.

So this $1700 a ticket pre-primary debate is proving to be an exemplary model of just how nutz (sic) a debate night can go when you have terrible moderators running (i.e. NOT RUNNING!) this thing tonight. CBS, wtf- get your act together. Embarrassing. Crazy how no time limit (1 minute 15 sec) is being respected by any person on the stage and how much everyone is talking over one another- non-stop. Exhausting to watch.  No control is being exhibited by the CBS moderators over these out of control candidates. And, the crowd booing endlessly is absolutely halarious and telling (I think they were paid by Bloomberg to boo). Tonight is like watching some Prime Time WWF press conference of geriatric wrestlers wearing a few rented out 3-piece WALMART outfits and TJ MAX jacket suits.  I'm hoping for a brokered convention... let’s keep this party started right and going all night long like the old Lionel Richie song. And, unfortunately probably all year long, as we prepare to toast our glasses, filled with prune juice, when its all said and done.

#bringonthehecklers #bringonthecommunists 
#Berniesbeinglaughteredbyhisown #Warrenissoooannoying
All Night Long (All Night)
Well, my friends, the time has come
Raise the roof and have some fun
Throw away the work to be done
Let the music play on
Everybody sing, everybody dance
Lose yourself in wild romance, we going to
Parti', karamu', fiesta, TOWN HALLS forever
Come on and sing along
We're going to parti', karamu', fiesta, DEBATE forever
Come on and sing along
All night long (all night), all night (all night)
All night long (all night), all night (all night)
All night long (all night), all night (all night)
All night long (all night), ooh yeah (all night)
People dancing all in the street
See the rhythm all in their feet
Life is good, wild and sweet
Let the music play on
Feel it in your heart and feel it in your soul
Let the panic take control, we going to
Parti', liming, fiesta, IMPEACHMENTS forever
Come on and

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So I’m 13 minutes into this Debate, and it’s one big panic attack on steroids. Bloomberg, so far, does not have what it takes to strike back at the blows being directed at him.  #panicattack2020  #Bloombergisfinito   #Bidenwokeup!


   Hitherto Cometh, Mike Bloomberg
   to Debate night 2nite at 9pm. 
   on NBC.   



Tuesday, February 18, 2020

"I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead;
I lift my lids and all is born again.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

The stars go waltzing out in blue and red,
And arbitrary blackness gallops in:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I dreamed that you bewitched me into bed
And sung me moon-struck, kissed me quite insane.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

God topples from the sky, hell's fires fade:
Exit seraphim and Satan's men:
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.

I fancied you'd return the way you said,
But I grow old and I forget your name.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)

I should have loved a thunderbird instead;
At least when spring comes they roar back again.
I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead.
(I think I made you up inside my head.)"

S Y L V I A 

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Saturday, February 15, 2020

            rip  Caroline Flack :(  

Antartica weather has hit 68 degrees farenheit !

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The odds vs. the odd couple


Michael Moore walked into a sports bar late one evening. He sat down next to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the bar and stared up at the TV as the 10:00 news came on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a large building preparing to jump.

Alexandria looked at him and said, "Do you think he'll jump?" 

Michael says, "You know what, I bet he will." 

Alexandria replied, "Well, I bet he won't."

Michael placed two $20s on the bar and said, "You're on!"

Just as she placed her money on the bar, the guy did a swan dive off of the building, falling to his death. 

She was very upset and handed her $40 to him, saying, "Fair's fair... Here's your money."

He replied, "I can't take your money. I saw this earlier on the 5 o'clock news and knew he would jump."

Alexandria replies, "I did too, but I didn't think he'd do it again."


Wednesday, February 12, 2020

People Who Died

            The Jim Carroll Band
Teddy sniffing glue he was 12 years old
Fell from the roof on East Two-nine
Cathy was 11 when she pulled the plug
On 26 reds and a bottle of wine
Bobby got leukemia, 14 years old
He looked like 65 when he died
He was a friend of mine
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
They were all my friends, and they died
G-berg and Georgie let their gimmicks go rotten
So they died of hepatitis in upper Manhattan
Sly in Vietnam took a bullet in the head
Bobby OD'd on Drano on the night that he was wed
They were two more friends of mine
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
Those are people who died, died
They were all my… bye's.


rip Jim (The Lizard King- Jim Morrison)

Happy Bday, Honest Abe !

“Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow. The shadow is what we think it is and the tree is the real thing."  
                      Abraham Lincoln

Snowflakes are falling. 

... so, who ever won Iowa ?  hmmmm. ..


Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Chef Mua

 My First Cornish Hen !!! 

#healthylifestyle   #carrots4life. #adorablelil'sonofabeeyotch