Sunday, September 29, 2013

Take no wooden nickels.

Rehearsal time...  Schmahearsal time. ..  Jane is working hard on another .... idea...performed soon...

Extracts from a script session meeting somewhere downtown:  

- So, let's speak (and break down) a lil' bit more 'bout that old mill house...and dissect what may have happened to any serfs there... at sunrise... and the repercussions of "conspiracies of silence."

-"This is the absolute essence of what a broken narrative is supposed to be all about."

-"This goes back to Thomas Jefferson, the so called "father of the Constitution. This man was with his mistress longer than he was with his wife!"

-"Then her hallucinations come in...I mean why?!...well, this is why, she is drinking grain alcohol! Home brew! That shi%t will make any person crazy!"

-Now let's not forget. Let's look at Georgia for a moment. The State of Georgia. Home of George F'in Wallace. I mean Savannah, that is a port! This is a State, like many others down there, that you just wanna drive real  fast when you get to them. You wanna get past them as soon as humanly possible."

-"Now what about the so-called mill. What kind of a mill was it anyway? Because he probably did not conduct any ethical business in that place. I mean, that man was half the time plain flat drunk. And she was sorta behind the 8 ball through most of the things that happened over there. I think that's where she kept the hooch at."

-"I don't care what they do, these particular folks... I don't care what 2 consenting adults do, as long as it doesn't scare the horses." -Bernard Shaw

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"Corruption hurts."   -  Anabel Hernandez, Mexican journalist/author of the new book, Narcoland about the narcotics problem and direct links to government officials (and who's father was kidnapped and murdered due to her investigative reporting).

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Records of posthumous musical compositions, untarnished Prague and public U.S. bombings.

                                                (click PLAY above to read this blog entry)

This music above was composed in the The Czech Republic. "Jane, where and what is the Czech Republic?" Well, that's a good question poorly traveled moron. The Czech Republic is a landlocked country in Central Europe. The country is bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Slovakia to the east and Poland to the north. Prague is the largest city (the capital), and keep in mind that Prague never got bombed during the war, which frankly is pretty freaking weird

The Nazi cinematic propaganda machine filmed a performance of this particular completed work as part of their 1944 propaganda film enterprise led by Joseph Goebels. The work was written by Czech Republic prisoners. Almost immediately after filming was completed, members of the orchestra were executed. Only the conductor survived the killings ...

After the war, this conductor reconstructed the composition (listen above). It now shows as an exhibition, with individual instruments isolated on various separated speakers as a representation of the musicians killed .

With the "Holocaust" (WWII was well documented), Jane wonders how many musical masterpieces were exterminated by our own personalized homegrown Holocaust in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA 1921. At Tulsa, Germans did not bomb (i.e. exterminate) innocent people, trained musicians or buildings, but our own United States National Guard did  ...
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'a voice smoothed into a warmly hum. And then came the double vision.'

- Janeanamous.   

Public Art, Political Statement or Flat Broke?...

     Is there really any difference ?  Duh. 
   Bye(or buy that guy sumthin'...have a freakin' heart).

A Review on Assembling Ugliness

-ignorance is bliss s (can u see the extra font typo i.e. sic).

-beauty is in the eye of the Cum Laude degree beholder ? (yes, pretentiously and correctly spelled here by this proud graduate),

-and so now ladies, social rejects (meaning you) and germs, a brief architectural synopsis for the most respected & ugliest architecturally designed campus - public "high art" educational institution - on the planet earth...

Location: SUNY, Purchase, N.Y.
Key Architects: Various, including Paul Rudolph, Charles Gwathmey, Phillip Johnson, John Burgee, and Robert Venturi, Al Capone and The Birdman.
SUNY Purchase's campus design may be irony at its most cruel. The campus is actually one of the few on this list that is known for its ugliness, deemed both a "modern interpretation of a medieval fortress" and  "a repurposed maximum security prison." The campus has even inspired the sarcastic Tumblr "Beautiful Purchase." The 1960s modernist buildings are as interesting as plain cardboard boxes, and the institutional lack of aesthetic beauty could be taken as a misguided joke for one of the United States best art schools. The Performing Arts Center, for one, greets students like a windowless tower of doom. We'd like to think that it's a modernist architect's gift of a blank canvas to the immensely talented and gifted student body. Most importantly, so few people know that the rooftops of this school empire were designed for police helicopter landings at the height of university rioting and Vietnam war protests of the 1960's. 
A summation for this building's crap exterior design -  practical thinking for those abstract minds.   

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At Berkeley- great film review regarding Public Ivy


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Up for sale


"Please DO NOT throw soda cans in our garden sir!"
The woman was vicious and had been eyeballing Jane since she turned left at the corner stop sign. Welcome to New Yawk City. The community garden was discrete. Hidden. Unimposing. Subtle, like an old house. And yes, there was green. Jane really had no idea those weeds were a garden. This all made the wave of guilt a little less tragic. Of course littering into a garden is foul (almost as foul as that nasty aggressive woman), but even more foul was this new heightened awareness that so many "special" beautiful gardens already exist all around us (i.e. Jane) and some of us (i.e. Jane) are just too stupid to take a closer look at 'em. We are so foolishly programmed to be looking out for that next filthy trash can.  Too jaded to see the value of life's simple things, and too convinced to buy and sell our hard earned dollar on another empty commodity. Empty is a key word in this blog. There is extreme value in those things that are simple.  Like an old house, there is no price tag for what that simple thing may be carrying inside of its soul.

Oh well. Crying is for the weak. Time to blow money on another can of diet coke. stomach grumbling. buuurp. ooops! Damn that woman was a real bitch. bye.

How to build a guerilla movie set FOR DUMMIES

"How to build a guerilla movie set elevator" FOR DUMMIES (the Random House unpublished non-Union elevator construction book version for the lay gullible idiot who believes any of it)

Disclaimer: Before reading this it’s important to note that if you choose to shoot Guerrilla style (without permits) you are doing so at your own risk. Depending on how and where you shoot, you may be subject to fines, fees and other legal complications. Take Jane Public tips below with a grain of salt and know that should you choose to start shooting without permits, any complications that may arise are solely your own responsibility. An important rule to shooting without permits is to have a very attractive decoy to distract any approaching authorities.  Example below:
For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, “guerrilla” shooting essentially means shooting your film in public with no permits and in most cases, no permission from any property owners for that matter. This may sound to some like a completely unprofessional way of shooting (and in some cases like Jane's it very well can never be), but there are some very notable examples of films shot entirely without permits. One of the most famous examples is the Oscar winning masterpiece “The French Connection” which was shot in New York City with a sizeable crew and no location permits whatsoever. And also not one single elevator scene. Alas. bye.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Blow by blow accounts

How does one responsibly and accurately describe a "blow by blow" account of a moment in U.S. history by using cinema, performance art , or other forms of multimedia?  Good question, nosey body.


Did the brilliant filmmaker/closet editor Esther Shub (now deceased, sadly enuff- duh) accomplish true "blow by blow" accounts by opting to use newsreel and archive peasant footage in order to construct her own personalized historical narrative of existing Russian Empire dissent? Did Esther (you gotta love that name..."Esther") betray her art by inadvertently (or maybe sado-masochistically) editing her work on a made-in-Germany "Steinbeck" 16mm flat bed machine? (The Steinbeck flatbed is Jane's favorite piece of machinery BTW and it literally imitates sound effects of the U.S. Industrial Revolution at work when you spin your daylight spool at a full force 23mph and look for that perfect frame to splice).
Is there still power in the non-fiction film?
Is there still reason to hoodwink our audience into believing that there is any such thing as true "non-fiction" film...when honestly...there isn't.  Manufactured fiction is about as real as it gets. Think about it. 

So regarding "blow by  blow" creativity just use your imagination, tell your stories honestly (from your gut) and then like the sport of boxing, when it is time to edit : dodge, shuffle and Lie "like a champ."  bye.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Hindrance, fish & chips and chicken wings

By definition, the word hindrance represents any traumatic experience that replicates the brunt massive force of a policing government hellbent on overseeing the property damage of electronic prized goods. The Guardian of these goods must be placed (by definition) into the compromising position of having to abolish (and destroy, see images above) any potential threat deemed unconstitutional, even if that country was not founded under a constitution of state sovereignty, but instead under an embarrassing constitution of religious defection.
All that aside, the UK still is reputed to have the best fish and chips in town. If you are starving for delicious treats, ask Putin for the weekend pitstop tip. Word on the street is that there this a dive somewhere not far away from Moscow called "Snowden" that has been internationally known to have the best wings in town. bye.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Iowa, Harvard indictments and the electric chair

The State of Iowa breeds a lot more than just corn and Canadian tornados, it breeds the collaborative process. 

-She came from Iowa State University and wore a Harvard Business school sweatshirt. 
-He (moi) wore MIT sweatpants.
Together they collaborated. Period. 

The sweatpants were in pretty poor condition, Jane admitted. Hey, now wait one cotton pickin' minute! This ain't 1944, Germany collapsed in 1945 so you actually have a right to be flat broke and not be able to afford decent pants Jane. The economy never fully recovered after that war. So explain yourself Jane! "WHO EXACTLY IS LENA BAKER!?" And don't bullcrap me!
What a sad question you have just asked yourself. Shame on you. Shame on all of us. Lena who? Well, feel an invented Harvard educated privilege in knowing that she (during her short cotton pickin' life working for her abusive boss) was important enough to merit this referential 3.5 hour creative collaborative session (actually 210 minutes to be exact) tonight regarding an upcoming developing performance that will be dedicated in her memory. Like George Carlin, those responsible for her electrocution by Old Sparky will be rightfully indicted on stage. "But how? How can you do happened so damn long ago. Hitler times. People thought about Germany, not Georgia. No one really cares, and didn't this woman have a drinking problem too?" you stupidly said to yourself (actually you stupidly wondered instead because you are too lazy to look at the data & facts about Lena). How will this indictment exactly take place Jane?..."Performance Art dummy," Jane said. You see, court reporters stupidly documented her corrupted one-hour jury trial and there is a need to hark (defined as: to heed-hear-listen) attention to her name beyond her quiet grave in Georgia. 

She was murdered with dignity on her face in the electric chair. She had the stare (scare) of Stockholm Syndrome.
"what I done I did in self-defense or I would have been killed myself. I have nothing against anyone." - Lena Baker, trial excerpt. 
For years Lena had no marked grave. Thankfully, some humane folks cared enough about her life, and gave her one. So bye Lena. I am so glad that we have now made your acquaintance. Stay tuned for your show. And one hope's that there is little truth in Carl Jung's concept of The Collective Unconscious in your family bloodline. At least this writer hopes so. And the slogan of "Hope" is what got Bammy aka "The Obama Show" elected to begin with.  bye.

p.s. The term, Stockholm Syndrome, was coined in the early 70's (and before the Al Pacino movie, DOG DAY AFTERNOON) to describe the puzzling reactions of four bank employees to their captor. On August 23, 1973, three women and one man were taken hostage in one of the largest banks in Stockholm. They were held for six days by two ex-convicts who threatened their lives but also showed them kindness (without buying them pizzas). To the world's surprise, all of the hostages strongly resisted the government's efforts to rescue them and were quite eager to defend their captors. Indeed, several months after the hostages were saved by the police, they still had warm feelings for the men who threatened their lives. Two of the women eventually got engaged to the captors.
Cuthbert, GA.


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Saturday, September 21, 2013


                                                    CUT TO:
"Why are costumes so important?",  it asked.
"It's all about design. pizazz. keepin' it real. Staying under the radar," it heard.
"Oh. But do I also have to pay for a Diet Coke if I drank it already?"
"Yes. You must be honest. Plus, this place is packed right now. Big Brother is always watching. Hey, BTW, can I borrow a dollar ?"
"No. Hey, it sure is freezing. Is it just me? I'm getting the chills. Can I open up something else since this line is so long?" 
"No, put on the wig. Idiot."
" Oh yeah. Thanks. That's a really good point. I almost forgot about that. And so did Big Brother...Tee-Hee! (13th century giggle)"

                                                   FADE TO BLK.
"No problem. Just always follow your shopping list."

THE END (for now). 

Here’s the text of Jane Public's open letter to the Academy of Motion Pictures, which was displayed at the Academy exhibit, "Jane Public: Truth and the Lies of that Cheap Disguise of a Wig" after a recent nomination :
As "Shopping For The Winter BRRR" didn’t compete for "OSCAR" I think it is wrong to nominate my motion picture script and therefor [sic] I want to return the "CERTIFICATE OF NOMINATION".
I have found that the "OSCAR" nomination is one for the motion picture art that is a humiliating institution and ask you to be released from the attention of the jury in the future. Thanks. I'm gonna go shoot on Super 8mm film now. Go nominate that predictable formulaic "The Butler" movie instead. Bye!

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Fanny and Freddie Mac never loaned Emily Dickinson any money, pencil sharpeners or computer hard drives

 "...she did not publish in her own lifetime."  -  The Harvard University Press

"...this represents a positive way of surrendering this "analog romance" that so many of us have in our thinking and recognizing the validity of archive in a digital era." - Jane Public

"...always back-up everything that you do onto a few additional hard drives and put all of your notebook notes (mutterings & jibberish), your body of work, works-in-progress and creative estate into your Last Will and Testament, moron." - Unknown

"...if you are broke and cannot con your immediate supervisor into giving you a well deserved bonus($$$) at the end of this quarter in order to purchase a back-up drive to archive your creative material then watch this film on NETFLIX and see how hard Hank worked to help your economic misfortune ..."

What if this was North Carolina 1961?

Two 24 megaton bombs almost destroyed North Carolina 3 days after JFK's inauguration. "Thank God for faulty H-bomb switches," Jane said. "Even Rooney's Billboard ad would not have survived that kind of a blast no matter how well her new perfume line, DOWNTOWN coulda and would have sold (in N.C. or in the NYC downtown area)," someone else said. The Pentagon cited this Air Force "accident" in Goldsboro to have been equivalent to 260 times the strength of the atom bomb that infamously destroyed Hiroshima. One wonders where Stanley Kubrick detonated any inspired humour regarding the actual facts in his movie parody spoof, "Dr. Strangelove or: How I stopped worrying and loved the bomb." "Unreal," Jane thought, while thinking of other things. "Our life is absolutely stranger than any Hollywood fictional pun." And Rooney's movies are far better than the bore that is slapstick true-life.   

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Some authors invoke Muses when writing poetry, hymns, political appointments, movfies(sic), paintings or epic history. The invocation typically occurs at or near the beginning, and calls for help or inspiration, or simply invites the Muse to sing through the author. 

Some authors also call on the aid of Muses, who are called as the true speaker for whom an author is merely a mouthpiece. 

JSome(sic) is a misspelled word . 

Sue Rice(aRONI ?) was picked to succeed Tom Donilon as National Security Advisor immediately following Donilon's resignation on June 5, 2013 (something that should make the average ALAN SMITHEE go hmmmmmmmm). Though she decided not to give her name for consideration to become secretary of state, in consideration that the role requires Senate confirmation, and she faced criticism, especially from Republicans, regarding her role in the aftermath of the attack in Benghazi. The current position does not require Senate approval. Sue is a Rhodes scholar, so Oxfird(sic) will be her misspelled word for this blog entry, not Libya. 

Respektfully so, bye.