Monday, September 14, 2009

BROOKLYN Wall 2009.

My latest "portrait" work is now hanging on a wall in Brooklyn fine art museum.
I love the stone wall behind the white hanging board.

AND NFS (NOT FOR SALE). I'm bring my portraits home to hang on MY wall when my show is ova :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

VIEWMASTER finding !

My last film for the GIRLSTORIES trilogy is "in the works".

The film is told as a "slideshow presentation" via a toy viewfinder (that was my idea).

I never went to the toy store looking for the thing yet, as I've been finalizing the script. WHEN all of the sudden on a simple stroll downtown, ALAS, i walk right past an antique VIEWMASTER toy for sale at some antique thrift shop. I talked the lady down from $10 to $5. Got my shots of this thing that i needed, and now it sits on my workdesk as a...ummmm. what do they call that...oh yeah, a "souvenir".

God works in mysterious ways. Why the hell would a broken crapVIEWMASTER be out in some thrift street fair. Nobody would buy that thing BUT ME. CRAZY.

LUV it.

bye bye for now.

luv, MExoxo

Sunday, September 6, 2009

About the loss of artist Jo Spence

To what extent did your working together enable you to address issues of loss and mortality?
Was mourning and grief an aspect of your relationship with Jo during the last year of her life?

Thinking about the question after Jo's death, I can see a recent project was my unconcious way of dealing with the fact that we would never see each other again. It was like the war photographer who has to get that last shot no matter what is happening around him. I suppose I would have overcome some of the loss and trauma had she just drifted away without being part of the last creative project. Unfortunately, cancer waits for no one.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

United Kingdom akajoey screening !

My film about the Darlie Routier case was projected onto a public bathroom wall, Saturday evening, in LONDON. The COLLISION Festival 2009 !