Friday, April 29, 2011

Teaser images from new my feature film

Here are the 1st "teaser" shot/images from the visual-design work for my new film about the flawed U.S. educational system. The film is in it's post-production stage.

Patricia (above) portrays a fired/terminated passionate school teacher.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Drained. Tired. Juggling film editing&preparing.

The new character that I have created/am creating is inspired by 1969 still images/photographs of Patti Smith taken in her apartment in NYC. Her 1969 images/B&W photographs that were taken have helped me create the "idea" for the fired teacher character in my new film.
DON'T ASK ME HOW OR WHY. I don't know. :)


p.s. I am also using various national newspaper articles regarding the many cuts being inflicted upon education all over the U.S.

Monday, April 25, 2011

"FIELDWORK" (contained creature photography)

"FIELDWORK" represents the first major monograph by Finnish artist Kannisto-is/was this Science meets Nature Photography??? Breaking away from the conventions used for usual nature photography, Kannisto presents her animals/plant-life subjects in a handmade lightbox performance stage that is meant to emphasize the creatures beauty away from its natural habitat. Signs of typically standardized scientific study process-- graph paper, rulers, test field markings---are also included strangely out of place amid the lush green foliage of the rainforests she chooses for her "fieldwork".

Kannisto studied art in Finland. Her photography (she spends months camping out with scientists in the rainforests of Costa Rica and South America) implies containment and taming within constructed spaces (and YES, she uses PHOTOSHOP as her essential "darkroom", although in the Q and A Photoshopping remains a taboo topic for so many hesitant people. I still find that weird)...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Brainstorming months of script notes/microfilm library loans following Art motto.

i.e. organizing myself . carefully.
p.s.s. not letting any negativity bring me down.

p.s.s.s. researching data is an awesome creative experience.

Wardrobe props being gathered/collected

Wardrobe and props are now being gathered & hunted down for the new film shoot.
I will hand-process the Reversal Super 8mm footage.
I am researching the work of photographer Judy Linn (1969-1976 era) for establishing/contemplating the possible "look" that I am going after.
I will rewrite the general narrative tonight and am running on hot coffee and plenty of lattes for creative energy.

I love making films.


Friday, April 22, 2011

New book. HIghly recommend it.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Civil Rights photojournalism exhibition 2011

Steven Kasher Gallery is currently having an incredible photography exhibition on photo-documentation of the civil right movement. Click on link for details. A must-see...

Sunday, April 17, 2011

i was called

I was called "an anomoly". at work. yesterday. by a "doctor".
i'm taking that as a compliment. so i wrote it on my hand today. in order to ponder.
About it.

bye .


The Priest said to me today, on Palm Sunday, that "every triumph comes at a cost". I immediately set out to compose my new Blog (yes, this one. so you wanna comment about your OWN personal war and its costs he/me asked himself?)


Let's begin, with the word- War? ... He/Me entered this exhibition with a slurred gait (DEFINITION: gait is the way locomotion is achieved using human limbs. I kinda strutted into the museum that is photographed above in this Blog = Duh, LOOK UP AT THE PICS THAT I ATTACHED). Wondering: Jane, will there be anythin' here worth your Saturday's while? Every time I (me) goes to a show (meaning when I force myself to go an exhibition with my old student ID that I use for a/MY FREE OF CHARGE ticket) I leave with an inspired glow. My “gait” expands itself. I end up walking "WIDE-OPEN" (Think to yourself SPREAD EAGLE, like i just got off of a horse).

The works here (German Expressionism) were primarily based on the effects WAR has on the creative person. Have you been AT WAR? I feel that WAR does not always require a machine gun stockpile. WAR can be any kind of PERSONAL battle that drags on pointlessly to create havoc, disorder and most importantly to satisfy the insatiable hunger of the selfish EGO's soul. WAR= I WILL GET WHAT I WANT BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. For every artistic soul, WAR is a corrupt nightmare.

WAR scrapes against the very human grain.

And so does GERMAN EXPRESSIONISM. The swervy non perfect lines.

The prostitutes were drawn from exceptionally high angles (artist would climb up on furniture to distort "perspective"!

The use of pens, pencils, cardboard, everything and anything (except mortar).

I did find some interesting ideas for my upcoming work.

I am more interested now in distorting the general idea of how we see the filmed human face.

My brain wheels are spinning.

There was nothing particularly “funny” about any of the works that I experienced in this exhibition. I now know with certainty that I will now spread my humorous natural JANEY gait with fine caution. I will walk the “funny narrative line” carefully.

FOOTNOTE: OTTO DIX's drawings were/are amazing !!!


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Me & Amy Goodman bitchin' bout da "SYSTEM" !!!

This writer met with NPR/ PACIFICA RADIO icon journalist AMY GOODMAN. Why? ummmm, why you ask me?

-let's just keep this blog very simple. and say that we very innocently decided to share our thoughts about "the system"
(it was a VERY productive dialogue)
Are we working on a project together you wonder? SHHHHHHHHHH!!!


p.s. We decided to NOT crash and get "arrested" at any Republican Tea Party. We kept things simple. Screw tea, we did LATTES.

p.s.s. here's a link to some recent NPR funding news! :

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coffee: Yay or Nay ? That's the Question.

This is what He (meaning ME) looks like when contemplating a few coffee trivia thingys:
1) do I (meaning ME) have the energy or desire to drive to a supermarket to get coffee (HE/ME ran out and that will be a problem in the morning).
2) does (meaning I, which is the same as ME) HE have enough money to get the coffeee, and how much will the coffee cost, and should I go to a fun place to buy it or a simple cheap place that may be running a pathetic cheap sale...

Bought coffee. a little over 3 dollars. took cell-fone portraits to document the trivial "condition".


Use these pics for your cellphone Desktop Display!
I rule. DUH! WINNING (oh yeah, i bought CHOCK FULL O' NUTS, btw).


The "Soul Surfer" Bethany movie.

I am still moved by the film. Saw it last night. Expected less, got "more". The film was very well done, had a good balance of triumph and catastrophe. Moved me to tears a few times. The shark scene was perfectly edited: fast, effective, horrific, enlightening. I left the theatre thinking/knowing that the girl who remains surfing in the water is a true life hero (and NOT simply a survivor).


p.s. I didn't get popcorn and/or a large soda with xtra-ice and the movie STILL worked. So, there's your JANEY Thumbs-Up guarantee that it's good.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Rehearsals for GIRLSTORIES (in ASL, American Sign Language)

rehearsals. film preparations. I'm exhausted. He (i.e. I) put this up here before going to bed.

bye for now.

p.s. click on the PLAY button above to see the fun...DUH

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Politkovskaya "is journalism worth dying for": New bio book release

Rest in Peace . Murdered (shot) by her own government (Russia).

Her creative fight to expose Russian government deceit via her writing had a value cost: her life.

Her new posthumous biography (containing the various articles that she managed to get published despite many years of death threats) reminded me of the importance of living one's life for things that are greater than oneself.