Sunday, May 31, 2015

Watching, 'Jane Eyre' starring Mia.   Bye. 

This is what contemporary bizarre thinking looks like...

R.I.P. Actress Betsy Palmer aka Ms. Vorhees :(

May she rest in peace and with her beloved on-screen son, Jason. Momma's little boy, she's coming home now.  'chee chee chee...haw haw haw'
Jason's Crystal Lake mama memorial service links  - - -

bye, bye Betsy. Film will keep you with us forever now. The grand power of cinema.  :(

Mia and the dead iPhone.

Just rode 'CitiBike' in NYC with gifted actress, Mia Wasikowaka. Love you, Mia ! And so sorry that my iPhone battery died on 39th st. Bye (for now). - and you better take on my film role offer lil' darling or you're gonna start making me 'Restless' and you already performed that part with Gus. X

Lenses lenses lenses

Preparing my war arsenal for the upcoming film shoot.  bye

p.s. Tests footage

Balquhidder Test Clip from Neil Gabriel on Vimeo.


Al doesn't trust escalators cuz he's from 'The Bronx' !

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Who says artists are destitute ? exclaimed Max Cady.

'Counselor, do I look destitute to you ?'

p.s. and btw, special a Thank You to Yoon M. for your amazing fine-art contribution !

and hopefully YOU, my trusted blog addict, are thinking' bout this ! …

This is what having a good day looks like ...


Cara D goofing on Dubsmash

This is what 'ya gotta be kiddin me' looks like ...

Happy 40th Anniversary 'Bruce'

Thanks to you, I am still terrified to get into the ocean again. You rule 'JAWS' movie. And you possibly may be the greatest movie ever made. Seriously. Not 'film' per se, but 'movie.' Something like you (i.e. JAWS) merits popcorn- and truck loads of it. Bye, and a happy joyous one to you and to Mr. Spielberg!


Dee Snider.

Listening to Dee Snider on his new podcast and enjoying his Long Island accent and his very loud mouth. Love his New York frankness. He's one funny and great guy. I worked with him at the now defunct 'Sound One' sound studio (as a follies and film sound editor) back when Dee tried to break into the indie film industry. Well, that didn't work out for Dee, but God bless him for always moving foward. His new podcast, so far, is cool. But I'm bias because I love his crass vocal chords and general life attitude -'We're Not Gonna Take It.'
bye, SOUND ONE. Great memories.

p.s.s. films I worked on were DePalma's Snake Eyes, Carrie 2, DeNiro's Ronin, Dee's Strangeland, etc, etc.

Transparency and long lines at the flight bathroom.

    Ext.  LAX Airport.  Scene One. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

Theatrical Laboratory for testimonials and performance.

Everything was documented.
The passing on, and the sharing, of universal traumas via testimonies, and the ultimate discovery regarding the impetus of how social protest takes light.  bye

p.s. blast from my past...

Pizza, Batman and AfterParty boredom.

P.S.  Despite the great pizza with pizza toppings on it, film premiere after-parties blow. I'd much rather be home. Sleeping. Phony ness galore.


Thursday, May 28, 2015

Goofy Margot Movie-Nite Break Moment ….

No sh#t !!!! Holla! !!

                                        Holllllllaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching', 'CLUB LIFE' together with Margot R. and someone (undisclosed actor) who keeps yelling at me not to blog his name due to our confirmed NYC stalker alert. So far 'CLUB LIFE' IS FREAKIN' AWESOME !!!! GOODTIMES!!! Robert Davi is great.

'He looks like Al Pacino in Serpico.'   Great line!  Special Thank You to Nancy S. for this special movie-nite premiere… and before hits the theatres- Holla…and btw Margot says to pass on to Nancy that if she looks like Harley and sounds like Harley then it mist(sic) be Harley on break.  lol ...bye !

JANE / MARGOT NYC POP TRIVIA MOMENT: 'Club Life's' journey to the screen was also delayed by the financing constraints of working on an independent film. Yuk.

p.s. s.

Support aka Tracy Chatter ! on RBMA RADIO LIVE !

My bro aka TRACY CHATTER is broadcasting his live mix work !!  Tune in now !!! Support us - DIY NY NY!


Stop stealing all of my black coffee !!!

Actress Margot R. and her mom opted for their own mugs rather than ones from my epic kitchen collection. whatever. At least you guys didn't snore at my place. Must be nice to have FREE OF CHARGE sleeping quarters while on your lil' film shoot break. You owe me now guys… big time. bye!

I'm looking foward to seeing the new film, 'The End of the Tour.'  Bye. p.s. Long drive, Long drive here me(we) come tomorrow- with Margot riding shotgun. I imagine that she will get pulled over in her rental again. Bring it! A star is born.
 Margot's cellphone pics


Epic Question

Dear blog addict readers : 

Why are documentaries second class citizens at Cannes ?

Gary Busey.

' just take a regular shot and not a selfie shot because today I am having a bad hair day buddy. ' Bye