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RIP AGNES VARDA (90 years on earth)

Agnès Varda is not a woman filmmaker: Agnès Varda is a filmmaker. She often attended the Festival de Cannes to present her films : 13 times in the Official Selection. She was also a Jury member in 2005 as well as President of the Caméra d’or Jury in 2013. When she received the Honorary Palme d’or, in 2015, she evoked “resilience and endurance, more than honour”, and dedicated it “to all the brave and inventive filmmakers, those who create original cinema, whether it’s fiction or documentary, who are not in the limelight, but who carry on.” Avant-garde but popular, intimate yet universal, her films have led the way. Bye, Agnes.


Walt Disney’s 'Elephant In The Room'

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P.S.  Duh.

EMPIRE TV set network meeting ...

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...sometimes family albums can remind us that we all may come from another planet ...

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First known. 

Just watched the film about astronaut Neil Armstrong landing on the moon called, First Man. Gosh, who knew so many NASA astronauts were killed during trial practice spacecraft runs gone faulty. Wow. RIP up there in the clouds, fellas. And of course, thank you for your service.
                                                          (John Grant Wants to Go To Mars)

p.s. My Dad always had Neil Armstrong's moon landing framed in all of our nomadic home bases and it remains to be an image that's forever cemented into my childhood memories. To this day it remains, hanging high... high like the planets that are orbiting us.

Insincere garbage, 666 and utter dirt.

The much anticipated Motley Crue Netflix movie 'The Dirt' - based on the 2001 book (which is an excellent read) is utter crap. Actually it's a joke, and learning that bassist Nikki Sixx produced it makes sense that it turned out being a rendition that he wanted to green light on his usual self-serving terms, meaning that it's pure insincere crap meant to be all about him and not the truthful collapse of this ‘has been’ band killed by his disloyalty and also the Grunge scene (fired manager Doug McGee at the movie's premiere confirmed that he had NEVER met Nikki's mother, making the scene with Nikki's mother an absolute fabricated lie). I have so much to say about this horrible cartoon movie, but having found this almost perfect REVIEW (see below), there is no reason for me to vomit any further. One thing I disagree with in the review is the 'Ozzy scene'. The casting of Ozzy was totally excellent and the pool scene was the only refreshing thing that was good about this movie. So, 'God Bless' Ozzy - ironically.

Here is a YOUTUBE video compilation of the real Motley, in their prime monumental heyday...
Here is the clownish NETFLIX rendition of Motley (below), in their has-been pathetic continuum...sad truth.
The Excellent Review :

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p.s. NYC underground DIY Performance by Texan performance/sound/painter artist Christie Blizard...

Press PLAY


                                        Q and A after performance:

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Worldwide Guide To Movie Locations & 4k BC.


                                                                                                                    (click PLAY)

Lynch's Classroom Lessons.

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As the eagle was killed by the arrow winged with his own feather, so the hand of the world is wounded by its own skill. 

Helen Keller 

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Yellow & with a

third eye x 4
  1. 1. 
    the locus of occult power and wisdom in the forehead of a deity, especially the god Shiva.
  2. 2. 
    another term for pineal eye, the sixth sense.

sold. bye.


7% Irish, as per 23 and Me
Proud, Green and Hooligan as F#@%. 
#bloodline #collectiveunconscious #itsallintheblood 
#bloodisthickerthanwater #DNA #cornedbeefandcabbage 

p.s.   will watch Steve McQueen's film 'HUNGER' tonight and honor Bobby Sands.  ..