Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bobby's license used for Taxi Driver research at Frick?

Here is a copy of Bobby's drivers license that he used when he researched for his role in the film Taxi Driver when he played mohawk nutter Travis Bickle.  It was nice to know yesterday that he proved to me that I ain't the only guy in da world who goes all the way with his work :)   lol  jealous bastard.

but wait  what in the living hell does Bobby's (DeNiro) drivers license for a cab have to do with The Frick museum? Nuthin. I think. hmmmm. join me. at The Frick. and let's see...
the fountain seen above does not require a cab drivers license.
this room seen above does not require a drivers license.
the fool seen above had a taxi license revoked after parking in front of the gates of the FRICK building. 
this dvd seen above cost more than getting a taxi cab license at the local DMV office. so...

-Question #1  did "Jane" hail a cab to the Frick that was being driven by DeNiro??(weird huh)
-Question #2 was "Jane" trying to find out who the person was that was wearing the sandals in the 5th image above??  creepy.
-Question #3 did you know that Michelle Pfeifer was at the Frick and In Person Michelle appears to be emaciated??
-Statement #4 if you have a chance go to The Frick please use a cab driver that does not have a mohawk or carry a pistol.

bye. ttfn. adios. drive safely. go to free museums. Carnegie and Frick hated each other. here's the map and layout of the building...bye again...