Thursday, May 31, 2012

Political Junkie Update

Former U.S. President George W. Bush and U.S. President Barack Obama look on before the unveiling of Bush's official White House portrait in the East Room of the White House in Washington. May 31, 2012. Sorry , but I am a political junkie. 

Life IS politics. 

Do I really look like a guy with a "Plan" ?... :)

p.s. your IPOD died today Heath. I backd up all of your downloaded music. Sh&t happens, right?

Luv ya - Miss ya bud.  BYE.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rooney on set

Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara having coffee as they filmed a scene for 'The Bitter Pill' at The Highline Park in Downtown, Manhattan.

30 MAI 2012, 19h30, CINEMA 2
La question des identités est au cœur de la complexité des rapports sociaux. Les phénomènes de transformation qui résultent du changement et des mouvements humains ou idéologiques, construisent une communauté hybride, des identités multiples. Les processus de transformation s’apparentent souvent à des processus de révolutions – industrielles ou sociales, culturelles, individuelles ou collectives - agissant le plus souvent en interaction. A l’image du cercle, du cirque et de la rotation, leurs formes sont périphériques et contestataires. Interstitielles, brouillonnes, temporaires, spectaculaires, parfois désuètes et souvent prometteuses, elles dessinent dans leurs trajectoires, souvent à peine lisibles, la nécessité du changement comme celle d’une réunion.des rapports sociaux et des conflits culturels telle que l’affirmait Stuart Hall.

Fall, Tim Steer, 2010, 2’17, vidéo, coul, son / Klipperty Klopp (Tagada), Andrew Kötting, 1984, 12’, Super 8, nb, son /
This Time Baguette, Lijana Jakovlevna Siuchina, 2011, 3’, 16mm, nb, muet / So Many Ways To Hurt You, Jeremy Deller, 2012, 30’, Vidéo, coul., son.

Séance introduite par Marie Canet et Lijana Jakovlevna Siuchina.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just learnd(sic)  that January 2013 NO MORE PHYSICAL C.D.s will be produced !  Music will only available in downloads 1/13. Very DISTURBING. NO MORE COVER ART U CAN HOLD IN HAND:(  INSANE. SICKTOMYSTOMACH. Thank GAWD film is not there. Not YET.   ...BYE.

Mental Note for the DayThe lessons and the nature of the human condition remain the province of writers of fiction.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Abel Ferrara and moi planning a big surprise

stay tuned IFC/ NYC ...

"Turning, she looked across the bay, and there, sure enough, coming regularly across the waves first two quick strokes and then one long steady stroke, was the light of the Lighthouse. It had been lit." 

  --Virginia Woolf, "The Window," 
To the Lighthouse

Gruber on Photography, Hitler and Virginia Woolf (Conference 2012)

Public discussion with Ruth Gruber (age 100) on her photojournalism work and published writing.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

RUTH GRUBER photojournalist icon visit & talk

Born in Brooklyn in 1911, Ruth Gruber became the youngest Ph.D. in the world before going on to become an international foreign correspondent at age 24. With her love of adventure, her fearlessness and powerful intellect, Gruber defied tradition in an extraordinary career that spanned seven decades. Her many accomplishments included escorting Holocaust refugees to America in 1944, covering the Nuremberg trials in 1946, and documenting the Haganah ship “Exodus” in 1947. Gruber’s relationships with world leaders, including Eleanor Roosevelt, President Harry Truman and Prime Minister David Ben Gurion of Israel, gave her a unique access and insight into the modern history of the Jewish people.

Gruber's groundbreaking study of the work and legacy of Virginia Woolf--an enduring feminist analysis pairing two of the twentieth century's most extraordinary writers. In 1932, Ruth Gruber earned her PhD with a stunning doctoral dissertation on Virginia Woolf. Published in 1935, the paper was the first-ever feminist critique of Woolf's work and inspired a series of correspondences between the two writers. It also led to Gruber's eventual meeting with Woolf, which she recounted six decades later in Virginia Woolf: The Will to Create as a Woman.

Described by Gruber as "the odyssey of how I met Virginia Woolf, and how her life and work became intertwined with my life," Virginia Woolf is a clear and insightful portrait of one of modern literature's most innovative authors, written by one of America's most remarkable journalists.

Some of Gruber's important photographs...

An amazing woman. 
An inspiring human being. 


Asia and her dad at Cannes!
MARIO PEIXOTO (film screening)

Unique film du poète, écrivain et cinéaste brésilien, Limite, est un véritable poème visuel dont « le récit s’articule autour de deux femmes et un homme à la dérive dans l’océan, à bord d’une barque fragile. […] Tous les trois semblent hantés par leur solitude, leur impuissance. Face à la beauté indifférente du monde (la nature est omniprésente dans Limite), leur destin semble pris dans le filet illusoire du temps. » Teresa Castro
Limite, 1929, 2h
Séance présentée par Teresa Castro, historienne du cinéma

TTFN  (to my friends in Paris)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Works by anonymous photographers. A Short History of Photography: From the ICP Collection Honoring Willis E. Hartshorn, Ehrenkranz Director May 18–September 2, 2012

In honor of its Ehrenkranz Director Willis Hartshorn, the International Center of Photography presents an engaging survey of its vast and unique collection of photographs. Founded in 1975, as part of the original concept for the Center, the photograph collection at ICP now contains well over 100,000 photographs, ranging from the 1840s to the present. This provocative selection by ICP Chief Curator Brian Wallis is an investigation of the aesthetics and uses of photographic images, and includes well-loved classics as well as little-known works by anonymous photographers. One of the hallmarks of the collection is a focus on alternative histories of photography, including marginalized social practices of photography as well as popular and nonart approaches to the medium. Eugène Atget, W. Eugene Smith, Cindy Sherman, Walker Evans, and André Kertész are among the photographers included in this wide-ranging exhibition.

This exhibition was made possible with support from Roberta and Steven Denning, Christian Keesee, and Stephanie and Fred Shuman, and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Our institute/site for performance art is finally in the works (model stages)

The rendering depicts the proposed Marina Abramović Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art,  revealed to the world by the artist and curator Klaus Biesenbach.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Adrienne and Lynn on Capitol Hill today advocating for the Creating Hope Act.

Bruce Baird lecture (Tatsumi Hijikata)

University of Massachusetts Amherst professor Bruce Baird lectures on transgressive cinema and artists (ex. Tatsumi Hijikata) who employ the physical body as a storytelling performance art tool/device. Amazing Q and A session after the symposia to address audience responses to the many themes of the artist's work. Great book authored on the subject by Baird (based on research done reviewing Hijikata's many creative notebooks).

More to come...


Bruce Baird is a lecturer in Japanese culture at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and is the author of Dancing in a Pool of Gray Grits, a comprehensive study of Tatsumi Hijikata and Butoh.
Tatsumi Hiikata (1928-1986, pictured above) was the founder of Ankoku-Butoh, a post-war Japanese dance form that was extremely transgressive.  

p.s. he would instruct his performers to imagine bugs over various parts of the body to instigate new physical body movements. He is simply amazing. One viewing of his work and I knew that I had never been exposed to anything like THAT before in my life. His work will change what you expect out of experimental art (it will raise any minimalist standards). His work will change what you will expect to see in any constructed visual experience. Trust me, his work captured on 16mm film by Donald Ritchie is like watching pure feelings walking through a park after having been locked away because of a two week rainstorm. Celebration, caution and daring all packed up into one  visual "moment".

Ozu and the Poetics of Cinema

David Bordwell's book on Ozu is a towering achievement. And it's available for free pdf download here:

In a very different way, Bazin's book on Renoir. "The French Renoir" (Chapter 5) is perhaps the best, most complete, and most sophisticated statement of Bazin's aesthetic. Some of its passages are pure poetry, too. 

Not so many books on avant-garde/experimental filmmakers come to mind. Lots of essay collections dedicated to a single filmmaker (e.g. the recent book on Ken Jacobs), but fewer sustained, book-length efforts. Several on Warhol, of course, but it's practically impossible to cover his total body of film work. JJ Murphy's recent THE BLACK HOLE OF THE CAMERA comes closest, and I highly recommend it. 

get it. download it. read it. Bye it (not BUY it).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ed's new film VIRGINIA is finally released today nationwide after so much re-editing!  Look for me in the bank robbery street scene!  :)


Monday, May 14, 2012

Horst Faas, AP combat photographer, dies at 79

tuff year is this 2012. 
so many losses of so many kinds.

IT SOULD (typo meant SHOULD)  BE NOTED: As chief of photo operations for The Associated Press in Saigon for a decade beginning in 1962, Horst Faas didn't just cover the fighting — he also recruited and trained new talent from among foreign and Vietnamese freelancers. The result was "Horst's army" of young photographers, who fanned out with Faas-supplied cameras and film and stern orders to "come back with good pictures."

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Inspiring documentary about process/dialogue &point-less explanations of Art by prolific legendary german painter: GERHARD RICHTER

One of the world's greatest living painters, the German artist Gerhard Richter has spent over half a century experimenting with a tremendous range of techniques and ideas, addressing historical crises and mass media representation alongside explorations of chance procedures. The first glimpse inside his studio in decades, Gerhard Richter Painting is exactly that: a thrilling document of the 79-year-old's creative process, juxtaposed with rare archival footage and intimate conversations with his critics and collaborators (including Marian Goodman!).

Trailer Link: