Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bromley production still (UK promo).

© 2016 Copyright, LUX London UK- Jane Public Pictures/ The Bromley Film Project, Artists Rights Society (ARS). All Rights Reserved.

'The Barney Miller Show' should be a national mandate for everyone, regarding acquiring an honest education about the standards of governmental bureaucracy.  bye.  

Ode to the action clapper :( :(


A 16mm film projector autopsy looks like this.

Weekend editing hell.



Saturday, January 30, 2016

Happy 89th.

Happy 89th birthday Lorraine Warren!

Herman monster.

Being and feeling comfortable is a very important component to movie(that's a dirty word) editing. No wonder they invented the Herman Miller chair. 

It all makes sense now. Bye. 

and then, God created the smartphone and non-destructive editing :)  

p.s. I think I'm gonna watch Ally Sheedy in HIGH ART tonight - which means now. bye.

Vultures join the fight against garbage with GoPro cams !


Downtown NYC shutdown by 'Bernie' rallies.

Bye (and yeah, it's clear Iowa is on Monday. Damn).

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. By(Spelled wrong)

This amazing banned film trailer made audiences run !


'Come and knock on our door'

Herzog talks about his social media 'disdain' (?)

Friday, January 29, 2016

Kubrick, from the Bronx to Maine...



Thursday, January 28, 2016

Rest in Peace, Paul Kantner. What a year :(

Life is truly stranger than fiction.

Santorum educated the crowd about the reality of statistics regarding PTSD and our U.S. war vets. 22 veteran suicides a day are now documented. If anything, this education and 'poll' alone makes this entire spectacle worth the cameras shutter. Bye.

Helter Skelter ride round da LIVE streamin' networks...


Fox NEWS versus Trump tonight. 
Senator Santorum has just announced that he will join Trump tonight in raising money LIVE for the veterans, pissed off that he and others have been shafted to a smaller (and less visible) 7pm stage. There is a civil war now fully declared within the GOP. I wonder how our veterans feel about that. Hmmmmmmm. The value of our values (i.e. $$$). bye.

Foley at the Sundance Film Festival.

Film journalist and video reporter James Foley's career and life story is being screened as a new documentary this year at Sundance Film Festival. James was murdered (beheaded) in Syria by ISIS while documenting the suffering of innocent Syrians in the region. R.I.P. James.
Your legacy is now preserved with a film titled, 'Jim: The James Foley Story' directed by Brian Oakes (his childhood friend). More info at

P.S. HBO will premiere the film on its network on February 6th at 9pm. Catch it!

more info link:

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

This is what a 'theydontmakemovieslikethisanymore' trailer looks like ...


UK 16mm print sales at

How to save animals without PETA...

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Crash test dummies stats (if you're thinking of using that instead of hiring this guy)

Traditional dummy
Weight: 169 pounds
Height: 5-foot-9
New obese dummy (no comment)
Weight: 273 pounds
Height: 6-foot-2
Humanetics ala Jane Public
Headquarters: Plymouth
Claim to fame: Major designer and manufacturer of Jane Public Inc. crash test dummies
Founded: 1952 (to make mannequins for airplane ejector seats)
Annual sales: Approximately $125 million
No. of employees: 500, including 200 imaginary friends in Plymouth

Laura kickin' bootie.

About Megyn.


Will this be a 'Thriller' ?

Oscars 2017...and the winner is..........drumroll please.......



"Heeeeere's Johnny...."

The whole chicken thing is ridiculous and frankly stupid, but the way in which the filmmaker used special fx programs (like AfterFx) to manipulate facial performances, settings and science fiction is ingenious. There is really nothing that a creative person cannot do now in terms of cinematic storytelling, and what makes a dumb video like this so meaningful is that is stands as evidence that what a computer can't do is invent a unique story 'idea.' Life experience, catharsis and the need to express oneself is what keeps us as artists, and our work, pure and human. 
That said- thank you God for this great tool called the home computer. 

A 5MB storage drive being loaded into a PanAm plane in the 1950's.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

“If you're playing a poker game and you look around the table and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you.” 

- Paul Newman, born on this day in 1925

From Russia With Love ?

Some self-proclaimed movie producer 'Olya' calls me collect outta nowhere from a 'Siberian apartment' during the NYC blizzard snowstorm to deliver her concern via voicemail. bye.

Death to the pencil.

'Je Suis Charlie' is now on Netflix. 
Powerful documentary about the cartoonists murdered in France while working. Bye.

R.I.P. Abe Vigoda :(

The Barney Miller show will always be my memory of you, 'Fish.'  Rest in peace, Abe. You lived a long life and contributed a ton. You have inspired so many. Thank get outta here !

 and BTW, dying' at 94 ain't bad. You kicked ass. Bye. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

"All or nothing," said Mr. Haneke.

Haneke is one rare filmmaker who has an innate ability to create musical tone and atmosphere with NO MUSIC! He does it out of the length of his scene takes, and the removal of musical sound as a manipulative mood device. He's truly amazing. In my opinion he is the only amoral film artist out there (not that we need any, that's for sure). All of his works are difficult not because of how an audience could interpret the morality of the work (whether it is good intentioned or bad intentioned), but because of an indifference that he perpetuates towards how he wants his audience to feel. He is one of a kind. I was introduced to his work by a sculptor who handed me, 'Benny's Video.' From that film on, his work remained consistent. I met Haneke at the Angelica Film Center a few years ago, and he was more happy to quietly read his newspaper in the lobby than to go inside and see any film playing that day... he was dead calm - like his films.  bye. 


East Coast straight talk


Rest In Peace, Monty Brinson.

Cancer, again.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


The Ziegfeld Theatre, at 1345 Avenue of the Americas, at 54th Street, has been a popular venue for Hollywood film premieres and a favorite of local film buffs. But those things were not paying the bills.

It loses a lot of money,” Mr. Dolan told the magazine. “The theater business is a tough business.” 
This movie theatre was opened to the public in 1969.


p.s. Video of hope ...

Deathly CitiBike TriBeCa moment.

where is the SuperEgo when you need it ?

and coming soon...