Thursday, May 28, 2015

Goofy Margot Movie-Nite Break Moment ….

No sh#t !!!! Holla! !!

                                    Holllllllaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watching', 'CLUB LIFE' together with Margot R. and someone (undisclosed actor) who keeps yelling at me not to blog his name due to our confirmed NYC stalker alert. So far 'CLUB LIFE' IS FREAKIN' AWESOME !!!! GOODTIMES!!! Robert Davi is great.

'He looks like Al Pacino in Serpico.'   Great line!  Special Thank You to Nancy S. for this special movie-nite premiere… and before hits the theatres- Holla…and btw Margot says to pass on to Nancy that if she looks like Harley and sounds like Harley then it mist(sic) be Harley on break.  lol ...bye !

JANE / MARGOT NYC POP TRIVIA MOMENT: 'Club Life's' journey to the screen was also delayed by the financing constraints of working on an independent film. Yuk.

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Stop stealing all of my black coffee !!!

Actress Margot R. and her mom opted for their own mugs rather than ones from my epic kitchen collection. whatever. At least you guys didn't snore at my place. Must be nice to have FREE OF CHARGE sleeping quarters while on your lil' film shoot break. You owe me now guys… big time. bye!

I'm looking foward to seeing the new film, 'The End of the Tour.'  Bye. (p.s. Toronto, Toronto here me(we) come tomorrow- with Margot riding shotgun).

Epic Question

Dear blog addict readers : 

Why are documentaries second class citizens at Cannes ?

Gary Busey.

' just take a regular shot and not a selfie shot because today I am having a bad hair day buddy. ' Bye. 

Batteries Not Included.

There is no instruction manual for trauma. 
When you get traumatized, it's plain work. One day at a time. One long day at a time. 

p.s.  and to my HATERS and my bloodline BETRAYERS….THIS ONE IS A SPECIAL DELIVERY TO YOU FROM ME AND MY HOMEY model CARA D aka MUTHER CHUCKER …Thank you for making me stronger…strong as an iron tank now. Bring it… 'You made a really deep cut, and now we have BAD BLOOD. Hey!' ….

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

'On China' by Henry Kissinger is so great. It really sucks that he did not put out an audiobook with him reading the entire book. There is no other voice in the world like his. If only Kissinger and Churchhill's vocal chords could have bred together. Boy, what a soundbox that kid would have. Just imagine that kid, with that inbred voice, hollering a line from the play, 'Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf' - 'Martha !'  I'm shivering already. Bye. 

Will miss you Mary ... R.I.P.

We are all deeply saddened by the news that photographer Mary Ellen Mark passed away (on Monday).

She was widely recognized as an extraordinary talent and a remarkable practitioner in the field of photography. Mary Ellen has been a dear friend for years.

Mary Ellen was chosen for the Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001. She was also honored by ICP as one of the most celebrated women documentary photographers. That afternoon, she led a fascinating conversation about the profound influence of women in the field.

She was a force in photography, offering her strong opinions and astute observations about the state of the medium. She graced our faculty and inspired her students.

Mary Ellen was a model of dedication, curiosity, imagination, professionalism, and stamina, all of which is necessary to thrive as an artist. What separated her from the deep talent pool of contemporary photographers was her unique ability to pursue editorial and commercial assignments without losing sight of her personal vision.

She was an outstanding exemplar of what it means to build a simple project into a complex visual narrative and her work never failed to engage the viewer in worlds that would otherwise go unseen or unnoticed.

She will be missed by all of us, yet we know that her spirit will live on in her many books and countless photographic works.

On a personal note, Mary Ellen was a great friend, and I will miss her tremendously. Please join me in celebrating the life and spirit of my dear friend Mary Ellen Mark.

Mr. BYE.

2016 Oscar Predictions for Best Supporting Actress...

bye for nnow(sic)

p.s.  Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, an early admirer of Steven Spielberg, checks out Bruce, the great white shark in "Jaws."

The root of all

How much can a foreigner (and an absolute stranger) with a bad accent, pay off a family in order to betray someone known to them for decades? Not much. Like wolves, foreign accents can be very impressive. Especially when disguised as a frightened and desperate sheep. Southern racism is pathetic, but at least it never tries to fake it's authenticity. It's very real. It's also been around for decades. And in contrast to the disguised sheep, it's as honest as Sunday morning country grits. Bye. 

Color Correction and the death of Technicolor.

Color correcting a scene shot on the BLACK MAGIC can literally have the ability to re-interpret the weather (color temperature) of a scene. And that is super amazing. It is how a shot scene can essentially be repainted.  


The Kevin Spacey Foundation.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Motion-Picture Score Fishing Line Catch & Cat.


I truly never had imagined that I'd be going back to school again. But, here(there) I go again.  Bye. 

Barbara, Harlan County and The Nation embrace modern technology.

...with the amazing documentary-verite director,  Barbara Koople...
© 2015 Artists Rights Society (ARS), Jane Public Pictures. All Rights Reserved.

This is not easy reading.

Monday, May 25, 2015


This is what a DIY- 4k home-built HD film camera looks like. 
'If it ain't broke, don't fix it.' (So, I ain't gonna be fixin' it).


A video posted by TOMMY LEE (@mrtommyland) on

'Natural Born Killers' diner scene remains a classic.

Mallory Knox (above) not Amanda Knox (nowhere here) said,  'ARE YOU FLIRTING WITH ME?'

                          Message to both Knox's: 'Tell her she can KISS MY GRITS.'  - 
         I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU, FLO !!!