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r.i.p. Pete Burns.

Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved.

VCR funeral parlor chatter.

The final VCR machine rolled off the line at the Funai plant in Japan, officially signaling the end of an era (post the Blockbuster Video funerals). Although there have been numerous sea-changes in media (i.e. Netflix, iTunes) since the end of VHS’s supremacy, there’s something special about the formative cinephilic experiences fostered by video store communities... 


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1970's New York City

Roger Corman age 90


'The Propaganda Game' is so informative. Thumbs up.

This is a very well explained documentary about the 'hermit' country, and told from the inside. bye.

Immersive Cinema: Dreamlands exhibition at Whitney

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120 painful Frames Per Second (not intermittent 24).

p.s.  And television remains at 30 frames per second interlaced including advertisement breaks ...

Video displays use one of two scanning methods to draw the picture on the TV screen: interlaced and progressive. All HDTVs are progressive-scan displays — so even if the signal being sent to the HDTV is interlaced, the HDTV will convert it to progressive scan for display on the screen.
Here’s what you need to know when comparing the two scanning methods:
  • Interlaced scan: Traditional TV systems (such as NTSC, the standard TV system in the United States) use an interlaced scan, where half the picture appears on the screen at a time. The other half of the picture follows an instant later (1/60th of a second, to be precise). The interlaced system relies on the fact that your eyes can’t detect this procedure in action — at least not explicitly.
  • Progressive scan: In a progressive-scan system, the entire picture is painted at once, which greatly reduces the flickering that people notice when watching TV. Progressive scan is available throughout a range of TV types.

Contemporary film school for FREE ...


Delicatessen, NJ. 2016.

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Hollywood 'talkies' censorship and the Hays Code...

p.s. and keep in mind that this took place before the institution of the ratings system. 

 Creepy creative laundromat, 2016. 

Happy Birthday  Carrie Fisher!

 me·men·to mo·ri
məˈmenˌtō ˈmôrē/
  1. an object serving as a warning or reminder of death, such as a projected film exhibition. Or, a 'Desert Trip' mega-concert featuring Pink Floyd and Paul McCartney et al projected on multi-screen digital psychedelic walls ...

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Opening October 28: The Eagle Huntress.

The film is narrated by actress Daisy Ridley,
and stars a 13 year old native hunter.

  Who's Janey(rebooted w/duh lyrics)
There she goes and knows I'm dying
When she says, "Who is Janey? "
Games with names that eagle thingy is playing
All she says is "Who is Janey ? "
I try to understand because I'm people too
And playing games is part of human nature
My heart's in overdrive
It's great to be alive
"Who's Janey? " she said
And smiled in her special way
"Janey" she said
"You know I love you"
"Who's Janey? " she said
And tried to look the other way
Her eyes gave him away
She makes sure I see her teasing
Hear her say "Who is Johnny? "
There's no way to take this easy
Hear her say "Who is Janey ? "
I really couldn't help but fall in love with her
Her being there
Has made my life worth living
I knew it from the start
That I would lose my heart
Still pretending
Who's Janey Who's Janey , moron !! !?
SING - A- LONG   bye!

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Link to Paul Shrader's original script now available online for public reading ...

Paul Schrader is a true genius of the movie screenplay format and is responsible for so many credited -and uncredited- works, starting with his first script 'Taxi Driver' that he wrote while living in his car in his 20's, talked about during a Chess game with Marty Scorcese and ultimately making his pitch sale to Scorcese (also in his 20's at that time) by the end of the chess game. So, they both won. Later, Paul Shrader's original script for 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' was purchased by Steven Spielberg and ultimately Shrader's name was removed from the final film- in totality. Why? Because so many editorial changes had occurred to help the script be more accessible to a larger audience, to make it more popcorn fun. The relationship between Shrader and Spielberg had been frayed for awhile, but is now 'friendly' despite the fact that Shrader asked Spielberg for a watch (Rolex) since so much of his original script was lifted and used in his hit movie. Spielberg refused to give him any watch, lol. Spielberg's film is a true classic and basically represents everything Spielberg is brilliant at. That said, Shrader's script is now available to read online and it's truly just as great and very different than what ended up on-screen. There are many scripted moments that remain intact, but it's the general spirit of Shrader's story that never changed. Schrader is simply a brilliant and adaptable script writer. bye.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

           'Certain Women' NYTIMES article link:

Slowly, slowly throughout the morning they finessed their way through seconds of footage. Tinkering with the rumble of a truck engine, Reichardt instructed: “Let’s embrace it but not embellish it.” While editing a conversation that takes place inside a car, she argued with Sparling about how best to retain both the dialogue and the sounds of the road. “Let’s get the air and the wind and the trees and the gravel and the tires and just forget about what they say,” Sparling joked punishingly. “You want your unbuttered toast buttered!” Reichardt smiled, and said, “Well, yeah, a little bit.”

Brooklyn, NY Tourists. 2016.

City 40

North Dakota Seeks "Riot" Charges Against Journalist Amy Goodman For Reporting On The Pipeline Protest.

Amy will go into custody tomorrow morning in North Dakota. "This is what democracy looks like? "Well Damn. Surreal and very dumb move on Dakota and the irony is that Amy will now need the 'media' that she despises to help get her get out of this annoying mess...
Update link:

Looks really 'comfortable'.

SNL's second debate spoof.

Their first debate spoof was funnier, but this was still good. They have the Hillary 'confidence' thing down. Right ?