Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Boomerang Effect (fairy dust not-included).

It was very disturbing to hear 'smells like teen spirit' used as the downtrodden's mass introductory slavery chant belted out & off-key in the new commercial film, PAN. How something(that song) so primal could be used(whored) in such a perverse and consumer-laden manner is so upsetting. But, I guess that was the point of the rise and fall of that band Nirvana to begin with  - an angry experiment of consumer mockery gone sadly haywire. A thrusted and angry boomerang that inevitable turned on itself.


Department of Marketing, The University of Arizona
Journal of Consumer Psychology 

Consumers are often confronted with value-laden decisions that challenge their principles and beliefs. For example, many consumers with strong social responsibility principles consider the effects of general corporate behavior (e.g., political views, environmental disasters) and of the product's manufacture, consumption, or disposal (e.g., animal testing, environmental harm) on society's overall well-being. Because these product dimensions do not fit easily into traditional decision theories, a new conceptual framework that incorporates and emphasizes the consumer's enduring principles and values is explored in this study. The results indicate that image theory (Beach & Mitchell, 1987) provides a useful structure for describing the decision process in a value-laden decision context. This study also expands our understanding of image theory by examining all 3 images (values, goals, and strategies) simultaneously in the same decision context for the first time.

Consumer Decision Making and Image Theory: Understanding Value-Laden Decisions - ResearchGate.

p.s.  r.i.P.   SANDY


Blast from the Past.

1990's. bye.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Laura is no rhino.

"a Rhino is not just a non-verbal animal walking around the D.C. National Zoo. They're everywhere. There are even a few trotting around the Bronx Zoo. But, at least the Bronx's Zoo is known, and respected, as a legitimate Conservation society."

-  a Jane Public intentionally composed Laura I. misquote 

p.s. 'W' is now going to join his big brother's campaign trail. Countdown is on regarding how long it will take for Rove to emerge. Trump is going to be missed very soon as the Atwater-style tactical grind house will soon begin.

8mm (United Kingdom gypsy film shoot).


       Telekinesis, a disgruntled gypsy and golf clubs. More 'teaser' samples anon.  bye.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015



Release year 1983. Out-of-print. Bye.


Beckett. Not I. Moore. Bye.

Herzog Public Thinking.

"What can I make next to get Klaus to roll in his grave?" I imagine that is what he's thinking. Bye. NO. Not yet ...
Matthew Keys guilty in Los Angeles Times hacking case
10/07/2015 06:48 PM EDT
A California jury has found former Tribune Media employee and social media news maven Matthew Keys guilty of three computer fraud felonies related to a 2010 defacement of the Los Angeles Times' website by a member of the Anonymous hacking group. 
On its second day of deliberation, a jury in U.S. District Court in Sacramento found Keys guilty this afternoon of all three counts levied by prosecutors, who first charged Keys in 2013. Reuters fired him as deputy social media editor shortly after his indictment. 
Keys faces up to 25 years in prison and $750,000 in fines.
Keys shared log-on credentials of the Tribune Co.'s content management system - also used by the Times - with an Anonymous hacker, along with the instruction to "go f--- some s--- up!" 
That resulted in the website featuring an obscene version of an article about congressional Democratic reaction to a tax bill. The newspaper quickly reverted the story to its original state. now, bye.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (full cast 2015).

Tim Curry. Susan Saradon  xo.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Phil Donahue - the truest of our modern reporters!

Love ya, Phil !! Thanks for the support. Heartfelt.

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r.i.p. Chantal Akerman

Belgian experimental film artist, theorist and professor of film at The City College of New York. Died unexpectedly- Age 65. 
Her last film, 'No Home Movie' was a video essay about her mother, Natalia, an Auschwitz survivor who died in 2014. Her film was badly received with boos at its premiere and this negative reception is said to have 'devastated' her. The New York Times, Le Monde and her sister Sylviane Akerman have reported her death as suicide. Bye. 

Dropped frames + Errors in the palm of my hand.

Murphy Law comes in all shapes and sizes.  Bye. 

Brief Synopsis
You will note that filming in RAW mode requires an even higher quality card/speed at which data can be written. We used to give a read/write speed but we found that manufacturers could manipulate this number so now we test with certain cards & then put them on the list. A card that is not on the list is not necc a bad card. It may work. What we can say about this list though is that we have tested these cards & they DO work.

That is not to say that you can not get a bad card form the list. Manufacturing process can produce a card that may pass as a write device for another purpose but not for putting down High Definition live video. A lot of our customers will test the card before committing to it - film nonsense to make sure that the card is working as it should. Remember, at its full spec a BMPCC running lossless RAW at 30 frames per second can fill a 16gig card in 3 minutes.

I have asked if there is any way to recover what you have, but with frame loss there is little that can be done other than some clever editing that may give you something out of what you have shot.

If your card is on the list & you shot with the correct codec then I would see the manufacturer of the card with a complaint. If you feel it is the camera that is at fault then please do reply to this e-mail & I will take the case further. Bye, again Mr. Jane Public or whatever the hell you choose to call yourself tomorrow i.e. I meant today. Dummy.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Goya Film Awards Honor Jess Franco.

Franco's response to being honored at Goya,  2009:

"It is a joy and a huge honor, I never expected any recognition of my career. Nobody ever gave me anything, just for my first short film about Pio Baroja, for which they gave me many awards here and outside Spain ... I am delighted as I have never believed myself worthy of anything. I think it's a lovely gift. I'm a man in love with cinema, I make films because films fulfill my life. I never wanted to get awards. I want to offer this to Juan Antonio Bardem, who first took me in to filmmaking, to my partner, Lina, who's put up with me for thirty years, and to the Paris Cinematheque. And to all the young filmmakers who keep looking for someone to help them to make their first feature film."

Daniel Pemberton's 'STEVE JOBS' Oct. 9 Release Date

I heard it and it is stunning. bye.

Outta This Planet !

New outta this planet cork anti-static shock platter ...
For a new outta this planet out-of-print movie soundtrack ...
 bye bye.

Man where's Pan.

Really looking foward to seeing this new, 'PAN' movie next week. Bye. 

This is what 'jingle bells' looks like...

loaded arguments.

'The Falcon and the Snowman' is not just a soundtrack.

p.s.  Training Falconry 101...