Saturday, October 31, 2015


Composing new film score- work in progress.

"London Bridge is falling down!"
© 2015 Copyright, LUX London UK- Jane Public Pictures/ The Bromley Film Project, Artists Rights Society (ARS).  All Rights Reserved.      


Happy Halloween - spin a record today. bye.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tonight, I am so grateful for the invention of the sandwich. 


Countdownn(sic) to Haloweeny(sic2) donutz !



The family victor.

After a lifetime of living in the shadow of his younger brother Jeb, Dubya aka W sure must feel like he showed 'Poppy' who has the bigger balls in that family (his mother aside, of course). Dinner up in Kennebunkport these days must be fodder to die for. The Jeb! campaign polls are as low as any border patrollers shoelace, these days. Forget about immigration reform, Bush family structural reform shoulda been priority number 1. And even if it was, and I'm certain that it was, it failed. Atta boy cowboy- you showed 'em. And now you are a self-made fine artist painter. God bless America. And God bless the American cowboy- Bye.

p.s  Let's also hope that the Bush family compound has 'tasters' in their kitchen still, too. They have started to publically bash past campaign workers who are now deemed to be presidential party campaign threats to Jeb. Bad idea, dumb idea. Never burn bridges in Washington, especially when you're wearing Texas boots. You guys are from Connecticut.     'Never Forget'

What waking up to a 5th 'SNOOZE' alarm blare looks like:


Nam June Paik- Godfather of video art.

p.s. studying transient (east european gypsy)world music for film soundtrack interpretation...

twas the nite before Halloween and all thru da house


The Crimson stamp.

'There are few film directors out there who's signature is there production design. You can identify a Tarantino movie by its dialogue, you can identify a Spielberg movie by it's dolly zooms, but Guillermo Del Toro's movie sets and characters and costumes are unique to him. There's an old school craftsmanship to it; he's an illustrator like me, he works his ideas out in sketchbooks and scribbles.'

- youwishyouknewwhowrotethisdontyou

Thursday, October 29, 2015

' I am having a good hair day '

    a damn good one. But that fact has nuthin(g) to do with you clicking on this Flixel link right now... curiosity killed that cat. and you clicked on it anyway. dummy. Bye. 

this is what a bad day looks like...

In transition.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Evidence of Capitalism at its most glamorous(cheapest)

A debate with 2016 U.S. Presidential candidates arguing points on live television within a democratic society that claims to be hellbent on political transparency - and there is no internet company that is streaming this public National event 'live' and for Free?   But, we grill (i.e.  financially facilitate an attempted televised public execution)  a Democratic woman for 11 hours live and 'free' stream?

And politicos are baffled at the poll rise and threat of a tv reality show real estate guy with fluffy hair now leading in all of our National polls?  Helllllooo...
Shameful.  Wake up and smell the coffee, because it's burnt. No 'Panda Diplomacy' here.

Why are you green Jane, but eat tree based pancake syrup?


Blue and green are on the opposite end of the color spectrum from red and orange, the main colors in skin tones. In fact, skin tones do not naturally contain any blue or green pancake syrup, so by using blue or green you’ll have less interference when keying a person on screen and/or pigging up a pancake.
The biggest consideration for blue screen vs green screen is the color of foreground costume, objects, etc. It is imperative that the colors in the foreground of your video are not in the same color range as your blue or green screen or pancake plate

If your talent (i.e. actor or eater, duh) has green in their outfit or tablecloth and they’re against a green screen background, the green parts of the outfit may be removed when you key out the background. If you’re working on a large-scale production against a screen, decide early on the “illegal color range” for any objects in front of the screen or catered food on the casts food table. 



William Dickerson says

In a no-nonsense interview with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, Variety's editor Peter Bart said, "It's impossible to get an independent picture made at a major studio. The major studios want tentpole pictures that appeal to an international box office. 70 percent of that audience is overseas." Furthermore, his advice for indie filmmakers: "Find yourself a billionaire who would prefer to own a movie rather than owning a politician, because it's come to that."

Lawrence O'Donnell said, "The success of 'Jurassic World' may mean that movie studios have never valued original material less as they do now." Why would they, when box office numbers are that good? In the 1970's, their mindset was altogether different. Sequels were considered creative cesspools. Screenwriter William Goldman referred to sequels as "whores' movies." Now, sequels are the status quo—they're the norm—while original movies have become anomalies. The money is in franchises, which is, perhaps, why TV is thriving. Television shows are mini-franchises. They provide a seemingly endless well of material from which to bucket into viewers' homes season after season.

Hollywood leads the pack with respect to the film industry, yet other countries have taken the lead protecting cinema and funding the art form through government programs and grants. In 1984, France declared Henri-Georges Clouzot's film "The Mystery of Picasso" a national treasure, and David Cronenberg's films have routinely benefited from Canadian government funding—and David Cronenberg is not a mainstream filmmaker. Movies have, arguably, informed the American culture more than any other culture on the face of the planet, but are not held in as high esteem as other cultures. 

To quote one of my favorite professionals in this business, John Carpenter: "In France, I'm an auteur; in Germany, a filmmaker; in Britain, a genre film director; and, in the USA, a bum."

By eliminating the middle class space of filmmaking, there's no viable way for filmmakers to practice their craft—unlike painting and literature, it takes a lot of money and a good deal of resources to make a movie, at least ones with competitive production value. For filmmakers, making movies is a privilege; for the world, it's an art form that's necessary. All we need to do is figure out a way to provide filmmakers with the adequate resources to tell those stories that absolutely need to be told, and allow them to make a living doing it. There must be a balance between art and commerce. If commerce overshadows the art, then the product is doomed from the start.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Smith Corona says ...



Daylight savings time ?

Time waits for no one.  Bye. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hawkish preemptive strike wisdom from a new falconer


1. Falcons belong to the same genus while hawks fall into several genera.
2. Falcons have a notch on their beaks while hawks have a simple curve on the beak.
3. Falcons grab their prey with the beaks while hawks use talons on the feet to kill prey.
4. Hawks are generally larger birds than falcons.
5. If a Falcon swoops down on you, or a Hawk swoops down on you, and it happens on a Monday, that Monday will suck for you (actually any day of the week would suck too).  bye.

Sometimes you have to roll with (or without) it



The amazing Julie Harris.

Sometime after she turned 70, Ms. Harris was asked what she would do today if she learned that the world would end tomorrow. “I’d go to the theater,” she said.


Watching 'Benny and Joon.
Such a beautiful love story. 

but always keeping in mind that 'Female Troubles' is the cult classics of ALL cult classics. 

'Boom' stand.

CinemArts members may want to access the archives of the Carnegie Museum of Art Department of Film and Video for the mere hell of it. The picture posted above has absolutely nothing to do with this information, which has now become a part of the most active blog sites for (mainly American) film and video exhibition crapola and production blabbing. The Time-Based Media Project includes about 450 linear feet of paper records and paper towels,  including wonderful correspondence between artists and curators Jane and Public, in addition to recordings and a film bootleg and video collection of stuff that no player in your home can play or has any use for whatsoever.  bye.

'Holy Bat Paws!' yelled Robin to Batman.


The power of our imagination.


Joan Potter missed.

Thinking about my acting professor Joan Potter today. Rip Joan :(


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quote from the film, 'THE END OF THE TOUR'...

"Wallace offered his alive self...cutting through our sleepy aquarium...our standard TV, stores, political campaigns. Writers who can do this, like Salinger and Fitzgerald forge an unbreakable bond with readers. You didn't slip into the books looking for story, information, but for a particular experience. The sensation for a certain number of pages of being David Foster Wallace."

This is what an artist does. Like breathing- while carrying that cross to bear.
"The David Foster Wallace Literary Trust, David's family, and David's longtime publisher Little, Brown and Company wish to make it clear that they have no connection with, and neither endorse nor support The End of the Tour. This motion picture is loosely based on transcripts from an interview David consented to eighteen years ago for a magazine article about the publication of his novel, Infinite Jest. That article was never published and David would never have agreed that those saved transcripts could later be repurposed as the basis of a movie. The Trust was given no advance notice that this production was underway or that Mr. Jane Public was watching the film and, in fact, first heard of it when it was publicly announced. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no circumstance under which the David Foster Wallace Literary Trust would have consented to the adaptation of this interview into a motion picture, and we do not consider it an homage. So, go to sleep, idiots savants"  -

publish or perish ?  gimme a break. bye.
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Awesome Alzheimer's disease documentary

'I'll Be Me' is truly an extraordinary and candid film about Atrophy and Alzheimer's disease in the life of artist Glen Campbell. Glen is a true Rhinestone Cowboy.

Thumbs up to his medical team neurologists. Thumbs up to his wife and children for their support of him. Inspiring.   Bye.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Pj Harvey collaborates with photographer in new book.

ps  and BJORK collaborates with PUFF DADDY ...

'Expanded Cinema' and Dirk de Bruyn.

"At the core of these performances are several of two or 3 screen, essentially abstract films of the same duration which comment upon and echo each other in a constant interplay of flicker-like positive and negative imagery. The soundtrack of the fm world in a related way: the same or similar words and sound fragments are overlayed, or are repeated in an absurd call-and-answer pattern running from one speaker to another. This overall design or formal system is then set into play and relativized in the live event through a number of treatment techniques. Reels are placed out of order or interspliced with other short films or fragments of found footage or tests, the bulb of one or more projectors can be occasionally turned off while the soundtrack continues, or the project I can be stopped altogether, extending, stretching out or disrupting completely the apparent synchrony between each screen and soundtrack. The light beam of each projector is filtered, distorted, split and multiplied using hand-held colour gels, plastic bottles, prisms and mirrors, or else silohouetted or blocked complete with the artist's own hands and body. The projectors themselves can be inverted, turned around or physically transported across the space, mixing and overlaying the imagery, animating different areas of the performance environment and transforming the body of the audience itself into a screen medium. Thank you Lena. Bye. 

"The art world, in it ignorance of art, sells objects, but we create experiences, we create life and death challenges to the psyche."  - Ken Jacobs