Sunday, November 28, 2010

Interview @ Anthology Film Archives: Saturday

Just notified that my new Installation film will be at the 2010 ART BASEL: Miami Beach Dec 2-5 2010 under New York Representation. Just completed my interview Saturday afternoon.
Excited? Very excited, but upset that it does not snow in Miami :( and I love my new winter gloves.

In Order To Remind Myself Bout the Importance and My Responsibility to Provide In My Film art:

Real Time Journalism

p.s. they say i am a "Confessional Journalist". ..actually bullshit, I just said that.

p.S.S. why do people constantly describe my work as "transgressive" ? (it's wild card terminology). I truly Do Not Get It (meaning that they do not get what I do, I THINK). I feel that I make cynical comedies. Nothing more. Something less. then again, maybe what I THINK IS TRUE "against" what is actually A REALITY may be 2 distinct things battling against one another. hmmmmmmmmmmm. Now that sounds transgressive baby!

Nancy Holt exhibit @ COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY

Click PLAY button on video below to see early video experimentation of Nancy Holt :

Chicken Wings, turkey burgers and a terrorist realization

i learned this morning (today) that Magdalena Kopp's gun did not "jam" upon her arrest. Her partner's did. But that does not diminish the fact that i have a "European mind" (as i am constantly told). then what does it do Janey, what does this truly mean? ANSWER: that this fact about a female former terrorist makes for good pillow talk.

IT "IS" THE IDEA THAT COUNTS (further reference concerning that "gun jam" matter and Carlos the Jackyl's hot German squeeze)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The enticing images above of the hot food plates, both filled and emptied, occurred during a dialogue between Jane (ME) and a guy named Mike. "Mike" is a NYC art curator and he wanted to explain to me why i needed to focus my work on European audiences. He wanted to convince me that i am a complete INSTALLATION film artist and should begin to solely promote myself as such. I sucked on my chicken bones and just kept thinking, "stop blabbing, pay for my meal and make an offer for my "installation" films that i cannot refuse. HE DID NONE OF THESE THINGS. AND TO TOP THINGS OFF HE ATTEMPTED TO GO DUTCH $$$ ON THE MEAL. Being that i just refreshed your (i.e. YOU the reader) about a few terrorists, i had to con my way into getting "Mike" to pay $$$. Via diversion and lip service: My mission was accomplished. The chicken wings were simply scrumptious. Ay Vay, terrorist me.

p.s. I will now be authenticating, with black ink, all of my film art, writings and photography with my skin prints (my thumbs) in order to further confirm the legitimacy of my identity (jane vs. smith vs. joey vs. etc vs. etc). Upon death, and the building of my Mausoleum, someone needs to be able to prove that Janey was really me. Especially if DNA tests are expensive and a much longer process. Also, exhuming could get pricey. I'm way too considerate of a human being and person....I'm doing thumbprints from now on. Even on my business cards. Goodbye.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The smell of a recession still lingers

Cell-phone Photography 101
(i.e. minutes before catching my train)

p.s. i wanted to afford renting an old house for about 20 folks today. Maybe when my book, or film, sells a million copies on AMAZON.COM :

* A home for NYC homeless youth/runaways will be my first social contribution.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Zoe is so amazing and passionate about her creating process

click on these links for her avant-garde cello work. She loops created melodies and thumpings, and then builds upon them to create her music=songs . She is a fellow DIY artist who integrates technology with her art (she integrates a laptop)...

Found the storyboard for my film EPISODE

This is a storyboard that i had doodled years ago, planting my visual-narrative ideas onto scrap paper. This film that I made years ago was titled, EPISODE (and it had 2 versions, a narrative story version and an experimental version due to problems experienced = $$$). This film brought much grief into my life, both during its inception stage, and the later stage (i.e. most recently). The Imagination can spurn great envy from others who lack. It can attract cruel jealousy and wicked strikes against the purity of ones need to simply "make things"...One's need to simply Imagine things within our world differently.

But Imagination is also the “most scientific of the faculties”, says infamous art icon Baudelaire. By this seemingly paradoxical statement Baudelaire meant that the Imagination alone is, by its nature, capable of penetrating beneath the surface of appearances and detecting hidden analogies between material manifestations, different modes of perception, and different levels of existence.

The Imagination, in fact, is that capital faculty of the creative artist whereby he is enabled to see all in one synoptic glance (please look up the word synoptic in your home dictionary), and thus to order his work in such a way that the topical shall co-exist with the eternal, the natural with the supernatural and the moral with the metaphysical.

Kathleen's DJ-ing at MoMA!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Miami-Los Angeles-Canada NEXT STOPS for my film INSTALLATION - ZERO FILM FESTIVAL 2010

Expanding North American "HOMEWRECKA" Film Tour
North America Spring 2011
San Francisco. Portland. Seattle. Vancouver. Toronto. Montreal. Boston. Providence. Baltimore. Brooklyn.
Europe Summer 2011

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I want a Nook from SANTA CLAUS ! (i.e. ME)

Blog about what?? You don't get the picture here?? You don't get the hint?? You have MAJOR issues (did you mean financial?).... i mean that- I, ME, JANE, JOEY- ALL THE SAME PEOPLE, PLACE and THING WANTS A FREAKIN' NOOK FOR THE HOLIDAYS. PERIOD. I have explored it. i touched it (i.e. touched one). i want to increase my reading habit.

when he says increase he also means EXPAND.

p.s. that's my freakin' website on a NOOK ( My God. Good Lord. i love modern technology. especially when the batteries for them don't die. Die??? umm, let me explain. The NOOK at the bookstore was plugged in.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nancy Holt's SUN TUNNELS (site/land art films)

Worth the viewing. VERY Gordon Matta Clark-ey (umm, loved that about it. Gordon RULES). Sun Tunnels is in many ways a masterpiece of Bolex cinema. Cautious cutting (i.e. editing). Blaring, unpredictable sunlight blarings. Excellent and raw "16mm 1970's" location study.
Columbia University is showcasing her work. She has inspired me to remain "interested" in experimental ways of site-location documentation with hints of narrative. She is clever in delivery of an outside voice by burning momentary texts that explain HER process going on. Her work seems very important for me. Not just for the power of the documents she recorded (building of concrete cylinders, breaking mud water barriers, etc... BUT FOR HER NEED TO MAKE STORIES OUT OF DIRT AND MUD. God bless her for that.

click on these links for a taste of what her work looks into:

Jane, What formats does she use? and how do you define her work?
Answer: She shot "Mono Lake" on Super 8mm and also she used an Instamatic 35mm still camera. Her films are based on outdoor sculpture site-specific studies of New Jersey & the American West visual landscapes.

Reading Woolf in gratitude for a successful year for me in Art.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Film "INSTALLATION" in Brooklyn, NYC

Inside (literally) a cinema-box playing my new film, HOMEWRECKA.
My film as an INSTALLATION.
Incredible experience walking deep "inside" one of my own stories.
My film INSTALLATION will travel to Canada, L.A., Miami, Europe.

Monday, November 15, 2010


This silk patterned woman's dress and its style inspired me to write for a new character, and new type of location film setting. I will focus on the "written" word with my very beaten up (did i mention old & loud?) SMITH-CORONA typewriter. I will then think - in "cinematic" terms.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Zero Film Festival 2010: rules "International Experimental Film Underground"

i am honored to be a part/member of this international & traveling film festival.
It proved to be the most noteworthy festival around for the respect and showcasing of the avant-garde film DIY (do-it-yourself) movement. The spirit of this festival truly blew me away. And i am way excited bout Canada/Miami/L.A. screenings

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bo Barlett exhibition at PPOW gallery

To all, well worth the trip to C this collection at PPOW.
Nice isolated collection of sketches, drawings and painting studies.
Frames used are exceptional, but the price range of works sold are higher than lawyer bills.

Monday, November 8, 2010

"HOMEWRECKA" Film Installation ! November. 16th. 2010 in Brooklyn,NY !

My new 33 min. "Literary" film will be looped and playing all throughout the festival evenings, as a gallery piece. The work will travel with the festival Internationally, as such.



Saturday, November 6, 2010


"REFLEX" was my favorite piece at the DILLON.

All works were photography & oil on Canvass.

i had an incredible conversation with gallery owner Valerie Dillon while strolling around the work. Ms. Dillon is an incredible woman.