Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A hands-on approach to blind mouse juggling.

Is Jane a contemporary workflow aficionado with no time on his hands ??
Working on a new Super8mm project and considering making an EDL from a telecine via Cinema Tools and Final Cut Pro is honestly an absolute beeyotch.  From the EDL, Jane will need to cut the film's negative and then make a sound print via A/B rolls. The sound editing part is always the most fun(once a musician, always a musician).

This will be Janey's first time using a telecine and Cinema Tools to edit a film, and most of the information found involves a two-transfer telecine process (all dailies in SD first then select shots from EDL in HD).

Jane's shooting ratio will be fairly low, as usual. The film is a visual poem. Jane would like to avoid transferring images twice and use the HD edit as the potential video master. So, if possible, Jane would like to just go ahead and transfer all rushes to HD Pro Res 24fps (no window burn) with Evertz keylog file, edit in FCP (Final Cut Pro), generate an EDL, and cut the negative without running into any issues (3:2 pulldown or otherwise). Cleaning up sound is never a problem.
Can any of Janey foresee any problems with this simplified, online-all-the-time workflow? Of course, LIFE. Juggling life responsibility while trying to make a film is no easy task. It is a beeyotch. No matter how hard one tries to eliminate life's binding ropes, obstacles and road bumps will always present themselves. In the end, I assume that as we get older we become better skilled at prioritizing what balls to juggle into our personal airspace (and how fast and high to throw the balls). 
I wish I had time for a nice meal. I wish I could go to a fancy restaurant and lift my pinky up to nice cold iced drink:( At least I have been accepted into a prestigious law school (even though I have decided to not tell anybody about my acceptance letter and I do not want to celebrate possibly being an attorney).
Is Janey simply being a naïve and dumb forgetful clown by not really living up to the standards of a substantial and full life (training circus bears has nothing to do with socialization or editing of a film so please notice that I am not including any large mammals in this bitching-session blog)? Probably so, despite my definitive short-term  memory problem. But back to refocusing the lens here... The bottom line is that Jane feels like this method could work (meaning Jane's creative work taking priority over other things)- soooooooo: the two transfer process seems designed for large-scale productions.  

CONCLUSION: Can the juggling (i.e. multi-tasking) of life responsibility become too cumbersome to establish a required social and creative balance that would be needed to complete this project (do you mean the film project or your life project??? Be clear or I will feel that you do have the early stages of Alzheimers Dementia). Only time will tell.  Even Jane will soon see (no pun intended, since Jane's loss of eyesight) if there will ever be any true applause for this ballad Jane has made of his/her life? A sad but true discovery is probably not. Most artists end up alone. Yoani Sanchez says, "Life usually makes a mockery of our expectations"

Yoani says to use time like a Cuban ration card. and then bye (meaning buy) yourself some more time.  BYE AGAIN.

GOD, WMD's of Truth and the "Meaning of Life"

W. says,  "You Got Dat Right Ghandi-ola!"
"Bring it on !"


Monday, July 30, 2012

If you sense that someone is being too strict with you, it may be because they are actually hurting you.

Visually beautiful kickstarted mushroom film

Land of Songs (Dainava) is a feature documentary film about a group of sprightly elderly women in a small Lithuanian village who are the last in a long line of traditional folk singers with ancient roots. Dainava is known for its natural beauty.  Forests, dunes, bogs, rivers, and lakes cover the landscape.Puvočiai (which roughly translates to “decomposing”), is a tiny village in the southern ethnographic region of Dzukija, also known as Dainava, which means literally “The Land of Songs.” The Dainava region is known for its particularly rich and varied tradition of monophonic singing, and for its songs which have been extremely well preserved. The songs of this region span the full spectrum of the Dzuku world, ranging from mushroom-gathering chants to love and courtship songs, historical ballads, and a multitude of well-worn numbers to accompany the drinking of samagonas moonshine.  The region is especially known for its raudos, or laments.  Ancient funeral laments are still heard at funerals in the region.  The verkavimiai, or wedding laments, are no longer sung in practice, but are nonetheless well-preserved.

During the German and Polish occupations of the early twentieth century, Puvočiai was a demarcation line. The region’s resources were siphoned into the occupiers’ pockets, and local traditions were repressed in favor of the dominating culture. Polish forces demanded hefty taxes on the villagers’ own land.  German troops stole horses from the farms! As the villagers’ self-sufficiency was stripped away, selling mushrooms from the forest became one of the only ways to make ends meet. Children had little choice but to work alongside their parents in order to pay the outrageous taxes, and few had the opportunity to attend school regularly.

Cloaked in thick pine forests, the local economy of Puvočiai revolves around mushroom hunting.  As Jane Public's rep's saying goes, “If it weren’t for mushrooms, the women of Puvočiai would be naked.”  Beekeeping and berry-picking are also popular economic ventures in the region. 

Chris Marker has passed away (1921-2012)

Well it's just been confirmed by Le Monde that Chris Marker has died.

I never got to meet the man but was a big fan of his films esp sans-soliel.

Was only the other day someone said it was his birthday and that he was 91! I was shouting Yay for Chris Marker!

Anyway I'm sorry to pass on the sad news.
Missing him already.

Have to go now as I have a deadline today and sadly can't spend any more time thinking about this right now. Way the world is.

Anyway just stopping for a moment to remember the magic! :)

Take care.

film clip:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKOJUgTqFtY&feature=related
'They are only made memorable by the scars they leave.' -La Jetée

Jane, extremely saddened by the passing of Chris Marker. Happy to see friends posting Some of his memorable images.vThis is one of mine! Rest well CM! 
-  Paul E.

Freeform or Death | a documentary about wfmu


HBO Films, treehouse editing and documentary ponds.

Jane has agreed to work and complete these (undisclosed) films in this HBO editing treehouse (see images below), but the treehouse situation must be a safe one, says Jane. But why, you are asking yourself? Well, because Janey likes to work very long hours inside of treehouses. Janey also likes to relax and feed all of the wild animals when working on the top of a tree. Janey cannot just "cut corners" like one is meant to "cut film" just because it's a "treehouse" - and OMG Janey has heard of a couple of creepy stories of a couple of treehouses burning down from electrical fires! (and also stories of wild boars pushing hard on the bottom base stump of treehouses). So what are Janey's options for getting electricity into an editing treehouse?
There are generally three options I (meaning ME, meaning Janey) can follow:
  • through the air much like the wires that go from the street to many houses directly. Whores and boars cannot reach that high.
  • on top of the ground (if not muddy).
  • underneath the ground in a conduit (this makes the most sense to moi).
Running overhead wires usually takes a professional electrician and could be expensive. Even if you were on welfare, why bother getting into this kind of a financial dilemma inside of a tree. Forget that nonsense. Running wires on top of the ground is not very practical in the long run, as people (even  swine) may trip. They may get in the way of mowing, etc. The advantage to this is that it avoids trenching and is easiest. I like "easy." Running electric wires underground requires trenching, which must be done carefully so as not to damage the editing tree's roots (unless you are using a giant plastic tree purchased at Home Depot, Stop And Shop or IKEA). The best way is to rent an air spade, which may cost a couple hundred bucks a day (you can pay for this by raising money using KICKSTARTER.COM), but it will minimize root damage. Of course, putting permanent electricity into a treehouse will usually require a permit even if you have adapted a guerilla filmmakers aethetic, but if your tree is not visible to any neighbors who own pigs that are not trained to squeal (meaning RAT YOU OUT) you should be just fine. Just shut up and edit your documentary. BTW JANEY: You can always use an extension cord that can drop down from the editing treehouse to electrify it. Since it can be unplugged, the treehouse may be considered "temporary electric" which does not need a permit. But a wild whore and/or boar could accidently bite into this thing. BYE.
*Jane met with the HBO FILMS family and producer Tim S. et al.
*Jane loved their treehouse editing facility hideaway and has agreed to assist HBO FILMS complete some major pending documentary projects...
* also, Jane loves ponds and spotted an enormous bullfrog during the afternoon treehouse editorial sessions tour.
* Tim edits standing up. Donald Rumsfeld worked only standing up. Studies indicate that standing up is healthier than sitting down. All treehouse editing must be done standing up. I will finish my work being healthier than ever.

p.s. a link to new film project by Tim Smith and HBO  :


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Blueberry Lunchbreak

a healthy Sunday morning. thanx and I agree with U. bye.

The Owl and the Lightbulb

The owl asked Edison, "Can I improve my vision by listening to self-help audiobooks?"
Edison said, "In order for your lightbulb to work for you must stop fooling yourself"
The owl responded, "bye"
Edison responded, " See, you did it again. You said bye to someone who's already gone. try TTFN. or Bye Again"


COLLAGES for my new film

These collages have been made for the opening sequence for my new film. and yes, the German Shepherd was also on TV with me, Butch is baaaack.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ode to filmmaker legend John Carpenter

References: Karen, her brutha and the film,  THEY LIVE.


Ai Weiwei's story must be Tweeted. SEE THIS FILM!


film bistro review:
A towering figure in contemporary art(you mean Jane Public, right?), Ai Weiwei has in recent years garnered international attention as much for his political provocations as his ambitious creative projects. For two years, journalist and filmmaker Alison Klayman gained unprecedented access to his world, capturing Ai’s artistic process in preparation for major exhibitions, intimate exchanges with family members and his increasingly public—and dangerous—clashes with the Chinese government. The result is a richly nuanced exploration of today’s China and one of its most compelling public figures. Rival ,and imaginary long-distance pal Jane Public, dined with WeiWei at a local bistro next door to the IFC Center contemplating lunch options (mussels vs. a bacon burger) while being told by an attractive young waitress, "hey, I remember you buddy" . Jane knew that her memory about him (meaning Jane that is) had absolutely nothing to do with China, so he/she/Jane/whatevaitcallsitself opted to not engage in any conversation with her (the waitress). Jane opted to focus on the lunch menu and Weiwei. 

BzzzzBzzzz (which actually means Tweet, Tweet,  i.e. the Twitter cellphone vibrations) Weiwei asked Jane in the bistro with a tweet, "Jane have you seen anything good lately, anything worthy of talking or tweeting about. You know that people listen to me. I tweet. Especially now that there is a movie out about my life that includes my illegitimate son"  Jane says, "The bishop in the 5 hour TV version of the film, Fanny and Alexander get's crueler by the hour, but let's remain in China for now and not head over to Sweden  Weiwei with this fake lunch conversation that we are having publically. Let's not even go to Russia" (I really meant that, especially after learning today that the Fins are terrible and ruthless drunks when they head over to drink in St. Petersburg. BTW Fins means persons from Finland who travel to Russia to get hammered). Do people from Finland TWEET like WeiWei did (does)? Nope. Thank Gawd, because a drunk Fin would probably tweet with more typos than a babbling illiterate churchgoing lunatic from "down South." 

Now again, what does any of this have to do with Weiwei? Nuthin' (except, of course, for that racist redneck unhappily married lunatic). So about the movie: It's moving. It's sad. It reveals the usual and expected results of a fight against any giant dinosaur (system). Basically, you cannot beat down a dinosaur until it becomes extinct. You can accelerate the extinction process by forcing nature to push things forward a little bit faster (ex. how we are currently terrorizing the ozone layer with our vanity aerosols). Systems like those that exist in China are hard to tear down. BIG DUH. People like Weiwei have begun to learn about the power of social media technology and are teaching us in the modern world that many injustices must go viral and many vicious liars can be exposed and revealed by organizing ourselves with guts and conviction for a greater cause (something bigger than ourselves). It is important to realize that ignorance, suffering, bullying and abusive forces must be stopped by using strategy, and this imaginary lunch pal called Ai WeiWei appears to be enjoying the lunch that he has chosen to cook up for us, the moviegoing & Twitter following masses. I looked at the lunch bistro menu for a very long time when Weiwei left to use the bathroom (actually he lied to me so that he could split and go send out yet another batch of tweets while sitting on a toilet for 81 days so that I was forced to pay for his lunch without dispute. You see, deep inside Weiwei is a cheap bastard). Nothing on the bistro menu spoke of China, eggrolls, fortune cookies or any other kind of method of social change via greasy technology. So, Jane gives this lunch doc movie, NEVER SORRY a big Tweets Up (THUMBS UP) for taking todays lunch hour to a higher level. And making the choice between mussels and burgers much less of a struggle of the will. In this modern world, all we really need for lunch now is one good WiFi connection and a cellphone who's battery is halfway charged. Duh. See the movie. Eat. Have lunch somewhere else so that the waitress will be unable to remember your face again. Bye.

Rated R.  91 Minutes
USA , Made in China (no pun intended)


p.s. when you see it, don't "TWEET" anyone in China 'bout it. and btw Jane had nuthin' to do with this film recommendation. shhhhh.   hint, hint. DO NOT TELL ANYBODY WHO IS OF A CHINESE DECENT, MORON.
p.s.s. yes, it is true that Karl Rove has officially reentered the arena of politics and strategy engineering. but no, Karl had nothing to do with the influence of my feelings about Weiwie. I felt inspired by him. Yes, inspired by Weiwei AND Rove. 

bye again for now. My beat goes on.

Tonight (film screenings)

Juliana Cerquueira Leite's 16mm film "EIGHT" screens.
Amanda Ring's's film "Daniel" screens tonight on 16mm CPR-Center for Performance Research.
Jane Public's new film "unknown".

Free to attend. 
  • Brooklyn, NY 11211

Screening open to any person or group of persons making work incorporating Super8, 16mm, 35mm film or altered light projections as part of that presentation. For example: blending film & theater performance, musicians creating a visual experience for their sound, & experimental filmmakers working with story tellers. Entries will only be accepted for projection on film, digital video will not be considered. See you there!  

Friday, July 27, 2012

This eye exercise is recommended by optometrists to improve close-range eyesight, according to the Science Daily article "Eye Exercises Help Patients Work Out Vision Problems, Optometrist Says". This standard at-home eye exercise utilizes a pencil and is often referred to as pencil push-up therapy. To perform this exercise, sit comfortably with your head in neutral alignment, upright over your shoulders. Hold a pencil directly in front of the center of your face at arms length. Focus on a small letter on the pencil and slowly bring it closer to your face until you touch your nose. The goal is to keep a clear focus on the letter from a distance and at the tip of your nose. Extend the pencil back to arms length and repeat 10 to 12 times.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/181596-eye-exercises-for-reading-glasses/#ixzz21spd8j00

Virginia bandmates trapped in Prague (rock star years)

I grew up playing drums in high school with these guys in Virginia. My rock star years. I was heavily involved in the Metal and Punk scenes in Virginia (drums, lead guitar) before graduating into Fine Arts Conservatory programs for photography/film studies. Now my bandmates/friends are in LAMB OF GOD- they are famous- they played Ozzfest- and they are still in the news...  Love you guys even though I hung up my drums...oh yah, Mark get outta Prague but take good pics (TRIVIA: it's the only place during WW2 that was never bombed)...
my rock star years (from Williamsburg to DC to LA to NYC)



Music will always be my heart, but cinema has become my crowning achievement.

"A great work of art doesn't try to be beautiful... it tries to be true." Robert Hughes

Blur algorithms and the Human Rights implication



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Yale campus bans free speech and assembly :(


= make sure you don't plan to finish up any last credits for any potential college degree in Singapore. unless of course your studying institutional privatization.  Yale is betraying the spirit of the university as a center of open debate and protest by giving away the rights of its students at its new Singapore campus. Instead of defending these rights, Yale buckled when faced with Singapore’s draconian laws on demonstrations and policies restricting student groups. 

scripts, notes and lead characters on paper towels

Def: a self-explanatory(please refer to the title of this particular blog) method of writing things down prior to production. paper towels works for notes and for messy spills? yes. that's why Jane uses em. um I knew that.

Point of this Blog: Gawd Bless Paper Towels

Fanny(not MAE) and Alexander: DVD boxset has arrived

JANE IS IN HEAVEN. And Jane will prove it to you. Click on this link below cuz I am dedicating this song to Ingmar ;) CLICK AND SING ALONG WITH BELINDA ...


The 5 disc-set (including the 312 min. Swedish television version of the film, FANNY AND ALEXANDER) has finally arrived ! Bergman's world of dreams and nightmares, visions and theatric pranks. Bergman's BILDUNGSROMAN. Ingmar Bergman is why Janey went to film school. The package arrived today. Jane (aka this writer?) will be up all night and no coffee is gonna be needed (not even black coffee which works well during these transcendental all-nighter viewings). You talkin' bout sum kinda Swedish trance time in yo crib my brutha? ta-dah. Hell yes, my brutha. bye. P.S. say what?? so now you wanna know what I'm gonna eat for dinner? ok. I'll tell ya. I'm a very "giving" person. I'm eating giant meatballs tonight. I'm gonna pretend that they are Swedish meatballs. If I can't pull off the "pretending" part, then I'll just call one of the balls "Nils". I'll use an interesting accent when I do that name-calling (creepy. but again, only if I need to do this is when I'll do it). TTFY. another BYE all over again :)   uh. forget it. I changed my mind. I'm just doin' it anyway. Everyone in BLOGGERVILLE fan land... MEET fat "Nils" ...
and yes. NILS was delicious. 
I called the other meatball HARRIET. 
and so we sang Belinda's song together before I belched: