Thursday, February 28, 2013

Classic Swedish Bergman Surrealism

One of Bergman's most important works, and his only dive into Swedish surrealism. Was it this film that had people walking on upside down ceilings? Or was it this film that made Jane fall asleep upside down, subsequently waking up and feeling terrorized at the simple fact that something OTHER had demanded an immediate application into an eastern film conservatory?
Why yes. The latter. So, why did you ask such a dumb question?  Answer: I wanted simplicity. Excuse me...I know that you are not being very "clear" right now. The real question should be: do you enjoy weird movies or do you like feeling "less than zero?" Oh! Ooops, I see. The offensive nature of your critical "ass"umption regarding surrealism defines you now as an absolute naive person/a. Watch this film for the fishing scene. Enough said (i.e. Jane thought).
And honestly, I thought so. I thought, and knew, that you were being blindly arrogant again. Get a life. And of course, get this film (HOUR OF THE WOLF  not  PERSONA).

>>>bye again? (or buy it on Amazon).

Fontaine en pleurs, Portugal, 1989 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Jane Public as VHS reporter with a Chinon 8mm??

The decision to shoot on an analog prehistoric VHS camcorder (preferably an RCA VHS "Reporter" model you see below) has been made (by Jane Public) for the U.N. interview/s. There will be a combination of Super8mm TriX film stock (hence, the Chinon cam observed above), VHS degraded tape and Panasonic sound field recorders that will be tested and used to capture the interview and then cut it (i.e. edit) carefully so that it politely refuses to adapt to any&all current high-tech technology yawning boredom (Jane yawns). Are you excited? Elated? Do you feel "good?" Why Yes, I do. very excited. and thank you for asking (noone asked nuthin' to you idiot). Hey, enough said? "sure."
Then stay put. Relax. Try to get some sleep. "ok. I will." Bye.
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Monday, February 25, 2013

"ROOM 237" (a study on Stanley Kubrick)

So tell me a lil' bit about what in the hell Room 237 is about Janey... "Well ok... Blakemore is convinced that the evidence is overwhelming that "The Shining" depicts "the genocidal armies of the white men with their axes," and one of the images he points to is a stack of Calumet Baking Powder cans in the hotel's kitchen storeroom that is replete with Native American imagery.
Similarly convinced but moving the theme to Europe is college professor Geoffrey Cocks, who believes "The Shining" is Kubrick's take on the Holocaust. For evidence, among other things, he points to the fact that a German typewriter factors in the story and notices that the number 42 appears a lot in the film. That refers, Cocks is convinced, to 1942, the year in which the Nazis put the Final Solution into practice. Jane is left to wonder, what is our truest shining?" 

and shine this "bye."

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Willard Van Dyke Award for Non-Fiction film

Meetings help audiovisual documentary material become increasingly prominent in the art world, as more filmmakers are incorporating nonfiction material into their work, and more new media artists are creating documentary film, video, and interactive work destined for a museum or gallery setting are asked to discuss methods that work in a world adjusting to high-speed technology front and the obvious death (or execution) of the local art house theatre :(

The overlap of the cinema and art worlds has created a productive hybridity of forms, but it also poses questions about the relationship between the traditions of art, documentary and journalism, and raises issues of presentation, contextualization, and preservation for curators and Jane Public's alike.
 This panel discussion that was organized and brought together a set of curators and critics to discuss the opportunities and challenges of bringing documentary work from the cinema into the gallery, and of floating between black and white box exhibition spaces. Congratulations to the winner(duh) of the Van Dyke award this year.  

keepupthegoodworkokayJane. bye.  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DAZED AND CONFUSED/ ART NEWS MAGAZINE : 2013 Paul Noble REVIEW of film artist Joey Huertas

UK Britain Magazine DAZED AND CONFUSED and ART NEWS magazine recently had fine artist PAUL NOBLE select an artist to focus on for their March 2013 art reviews. 
Paul Noble chose U.S. artist Joey Huertas. ..

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Experimental Art as a historical frozen hat genre

In 1917 the Woolfs had bought a small hand printing-press in order to take up printing as a hobby and as therapy for Virginia. By now they were living in Richmond and the Hogarth Press was named after their house. Virginia wrote, printed and published a couple of experimental short stories, 'The Mark on the Wall' and 'Kew Gardens'. The Woolfs continued handprinting until 1932, but in the meantime they increasingly became publishers rather than printers. By about 1922 the Hogarth Press had become a business. From 1921 Virginia always published with the Press, except for a few limited editions.

Nineteen-twenty-one saw Virginia’s first collection of short stories Monday or Tuesday, most of which were experimental in nature. 

In 1922 her first experimental novel, Jacob’s Room, appeared. In 1924 the Woolfs moved back to London, to 52 Tavistock Square. In 1925 Mrs. Dalloway was published, followed by To the Lighthouse in 1927, and The Waves in 1931. These three novels are generally considered to be her greatest claim to fame as a modernist writer. 

Despite the fact that Woolf has died, she did tell her neighbors near the river that Jane Public was preparing the work of her dreams, and that Jane was a mediocre swimmer (in outdoor pools)...

Woolf proclaimed during her departing goodbye that this strange boy's portrait seen below would survive her inside the pocket of her ragged frozen blouse. It did! The photo below was discovered by the Woolf family coroner. This cell-F portrait image remains a Woolf mystery since mobile phones were not a commonly used technology in London at the time of her departing. Biographers now claim that this mysterious boy may have inspired her and even sent to her telepathic messages from a far distance away---a form of "reaching out." The image below has been named by museums and Woolf family researchers alike, The Boy with the Frozen Yellow Hat).

THE BOY WITH THE YELLOW FROZEN HAT  courtesy of The Virginia Woolf Drowned Foundation

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Exorcise the Unconscious

Friday, February 8, 2013

Monster Snow Storm Hits the East Coast WAHOO !!!

THE HAPPIEST SNOW BYE EVER: Dear Work, and school, and all other monetary responsibilities (bills),   BYE !!!

ROONEYMARA, kooks and the stigmata of Industry

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p.s. Rooney Mara is amazing (and amazingly misdiagnosed ) in Soderbergh's new film, "SIDE EFFECTS."  Psychopathology in females is a legitimate Axis 2 diagnosis you stigma-casting morkination popcorn chomping fools (i.e. idiot).  And Rooney presents proof of this pudding with her sleeper hit performance as a walking & talking DSM manual footnote in this imperfect movie. Awareness of existing gender role stigmas in clinical diagnosis becomes the film's unfortunate (and classically unintentional) "side effect." A brutal attack on pharmaceutical marketing tactics as Free Market Enterprise was the illness that ultimately invoked this story's 4-point restraint.  bye.

Love you Rooney. Westchester County wishes you back home again. you conservative lunatic kook. bye.
And yes, I ate a hot dog and popcorn watching your movie. All were way over-priced. I enjoyed the ice in my large soda the most.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Holy Guacamole ! Over 10,000 YOUTUBE viewers !

Jane is the New Sensation. All because of a clip-on tie (purchased at Toys R Us). A fancy super-sized SEARS shirt (on sales rack for $4.99, but I returned to to get my money back after the tv show). And those adorable doe eyes (genetic gift).  Next up on the Bozo money-machine-making agenda ... Wheel Of Fortune !!!  bye.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Political genius and wife Mary Todd's levitation abilities

family secret is a secret kept within a family. Abraham Lincoln's family had a secret. Most families have secrets, but the kind and importance vary. Family secrets can be shared by the whole family, by some family members or kept by an individual member of the family. The secret can relate to taboo topics, rule violations or just conventional floating secrets. Any topic that a family member thinks may cause anxiety may become a family secret. Family members often see keeping the secrets as important to keeping the family working, but over time the secrets can increase the anxiety in the family. When Mary Todd approached Jane Public (without any concrete appointment) regarding her family problems about her sloppy workaholic husband Abraham, the confidentiality of her family secret (that she was born with an ability to levitate when experiencing feelings of abandonment and/or blurred vision) became a common dilemma for Jane Public. Mary taught Jane how to do it (IT being levitate) in order to inspire and instead it instigated a worthy buffet of late night political nightmares ripe with wonder and "flights" of ideas. thanks Mary. See you around.

MARY TODD SPEAKS TO JANE while floating in the air and for the hell of it:

-Does my squabble sound Rovian to you? Like unadulterated (American)Crossroads rhetoric?


-No. No. Not at all sweetheart. Pumpkin-patch muffin, you would not recognize Karl up there floating around, unless you smelled him, of course. It’s a wretched concept, I assure you. And a costly one. Your flowered dress is stained only with cheap droplets of Glaswegian red spirits, and that is quite the compliment my fair lady, as we both know that while you fly drinking around these quarters rambling about frank justice and heat flashes, your disheveled workaholic husband has never even been to Europe !  You must feel like a true disgrace. An honest hypocrite.

(Mary floats higher into the Northern sky, she is feet below a puffy cloud, her stained wet skirt gets caught in a random tree branch. A water moccasin is coiled up around the lower tree branch and opens up its mouth at Mary, exposing its fangs and tender cottonmouth. There is an audible hissy howl)


-Are you insinuating that we stay here because of the hatred that he endlessly wrangles towards his father? And that is the reason why we have never left our marital Union ?


-His biological father, Madam. You must emphasize that…it is a matter of fact. It is a matter of law. Man’s Law.


- My apologies. You are correct. His biological father. Yes. He still hates him. Yes.

Yet, I also think that he feels that his hair will get tossed around messy during the sail across that wicked sea. Many monsters would take aim at him. I surely would. They would blow my handsome husband to hell in a handbasket. Blowing evil winds on such a leisurely trip. Abraham still has many promises to keep. Be easy on him sir.


-Easier, you must mean, Madam.


-You are now saying that I am a bitch.


-Yes. I am saying that you were born, and take great pride, in being this pre-determined bad reputation bitch that you are.


-You are correct. I am a bitch.


-I know that you are. Duh.


-I do like to fly. That is my law,  Hear, Hear.


-Yes you do. You do like to fly. You speak truth. Surprising, being that you sleep next to a seasoned lawyer.


-So now what is there left to say?


-Agreed. Bye. for now.

-Bye. again. And be careful with that black snake there Mary. It's a nasty one...especially since it is so far away from home.

     THE END

BTW: Here is an image of Mary OR Jane's stained dress (YOU decide). This image is meant to remain actively present in your mind when you close your eyes to go to sleep tonight. Don't take's a killer.

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

p.s. true cinema-verite documentary that hissed its way into my earlobe. bye...