Thursday, October 3, 2013

Essentially a non-essential causus plays dirty

Int. Staten Island garbage dumpsite container.

V.O. (voiceover)- Jane's very first paying job , employed as an 'non-essential' top soiled stockroom worker, was stacking up dirt on cheap department store shelves with a pathetic salary of $3.25 an hour.  We will call this southern department store, 'Roses'  Omg !!! That's so adorable Jane, and so humble of you. awwwww. 'Roses.' So did you save up any money$$ doin' dirt?? 

Top soil bags are strewn everywhere.

Ext. a closed down Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Wait a second Jane, smart move to quit that filthy job in Virginia before even reading, "The Fountainhead" and movin' up north and crossing the Mason Dixon line.  I'm so proud of you. I mean, you threw "Atlas Shrugged" at a NYC greyhound tour bus window at the very same time that 1995 transit union strike hit 'em hard. You're one tough cookie. You didn't even finish that book and knew how it was supposed to end! I heart you. And I'm also thinking that the supervisor you had at that point was a total and complete as%#^le. A real phony. Most supervisors are. 

-You don't seem like a quitter Jane. Seriously Buttercup. 

                                                                                              Off-screen we hear smooches and recited xoxx's.

-So...did you (i.e. Jane) call-in-sick or just get sick and tired of being a bonafide minimum waged paid whipping boy for The Man ?  You followed your gut meaning that you got guts.

Lucky me ?  (Jane thought). I called for a strike dummy.  

-So now explain (with your non-referential + self-deprecating blog expansions) more about this horrid historical matter. Explain.

V.O. (voiceover) -  what do you mean by explain, idiot?

- What exactly does it mean to be labeled a 'non-essential' staff worker by a tax payers bureaucracy? How demoralizing was it  (i.e. is it) for you ? And finally, what does the aftermath of a government shutdown potentially look like to you, and for us. 'Essentially' speaking, that is. Does it smell imPeachy to you?

Of course. But I don't vote.

-a 'non-essential vs. essential' staff importance measurement is being made here. Free and charged. 
Like a furlough. 

duh.  But the problem is (i.e. was) that I was deemed to be just another 'non-essential' working stiff.  And because of the top soil , I was a dirty stiff. Hence the need to organize and protest. 

-So, anyone up for a Tea Party tonight? Actually, strike that thought! I'm more of a latte mocha kindofaJane kindofaguy. 

                 Off-screen we hear the screeching tires of a groupie running her car straight into the White House. Newscasters claim the woman was a "fool." Her family claimed that she was a nut who only wanted the free Jane Public latte mocha coffee.
V.O. (voiceover) - As usual, you're right Jane. We're all fools. Yep. I said it. We are all perennial ingratiating fools. Crazier thing is that half of us (these ) fools never even applied to film school. Or can afford Harvard. Just born fools with that inexplicable disdain for Thomas Paine's very available plain 'ole Common Sense
                                                  FADE TO BLK.


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