Saturday, October 19, 2013

The 70 minute head rush campaign

Back in my saddle again(i.e. my mad scientist movie laboratory). A Bromley Contingent is coming soon.No bull.

and bye  .
- for now . ?  You sure?. ..
Uh huh. 

- okay.  

but keep in mind that I think this should run as a 70 minute piece.

- I was thinking the same exact thing. I remember once that my university professor did not share my views of what made a good film script length and took to publicly humiliating me by harping loudly on its shortcomings , "you'll never make a film that long that can work with that script Mr. Bergman!"  hollered the Adjunct. For a final project, I ripped my 70 page script into 16mm size shreds and then projected each one through a Bell and Howell 1920's open wind projector,' said Janey.  I called my project, "JUST FOR YOU."  Amazingly that professor gave me an A+ and requested weekly talks with me about my "process." 3 weeks later, that professor was removed by ambulance from his office with a full head-on 'nervous breakdown.' 
Again. Keep this new piece at 70 minutes, Janey. 

- agreed. That guy was a real prick.