Monday, October 7, 2013


talk about good marketing. i would never have demoted myself into seeing this terrible new remake of the "Carrie" movie, but due to this halarious marketing strategy gone viral, i'm going. this helped me remember just how badly i wanna shake things up with some good caffeinated enemy-oriented concentration. 

if i only had the ability to move things like giant retro-speakers and make-shift projection screens (i.e. bed sheet seen below) with my mind i'd save a lot more time and increase productivity levels. oh well. i'll keep on trying to concentrate hard and move my coffee maker around the house for now. if it falls and breaks, then i have the perfect excuse to go out and buy a better one (which is what i really want)- after tossing  enemies around the concrete room for about a half an hour, of course.

friends come and go... but wouldn't be so nice to keep flying furniture inside your inner circle ? yep.