Sunday, October 6, 2013

Exit Stage Left ? Then what is Expanded Cinema ?

When at a stage rehearsal, 'break a leg' on another company's body frame,  not your own... But is breaking your leg actually cinematically "expanding" any theatrically developed idea?
"Ta da !"  Yes, it is. That's why I have this limp. See, you will understand more if you stroll down GRIFFIN ALLEY, but I wouldn't recommend you walking down that block even if you could, so I ain't giving you that damn address. Physical safety issues. And also, it's still really none of your business. Be patient. What is coming will (and should) be far deeper than that psychedelia non-sense we hear about at the height of 60's avant-garde. Wait - did someone just say something about a Kangaroo Court?  Hush , hush! Shhhhhhh!
Wait a second Jane. See. You're doing it again. You're talking like a lawyer and being vague again. You do this intentionally. You're not as stupid as you look. Don't rob us of our money and time, pull back the curtain a lil bit Jane. Tell us more about what you have brewing in your kettle Jane, because only a fool should believe everything that they read these days. Tell us more about how and what you envision this newly developed "expansion of cinema" to look like. Or, if I have offended you, let me call it "Expanded Cinema."
Okay...thank you for being so kind and for that momentary relapse of respect. I will. I will stop jerking your chain. I will do it just for you right now, and since you keeping on being this ridiculous monkey on my back. I will now pull aside this thick red curtain and tell you exactly what's in store. And what I'm thinking right now. Take a deep breathe. This sh^%t is gonna be deep. And hit you like a brick. Only few will understand, That what is going on right now in my mind, and in the project and with the troupe is -  process.  

honestly. Let The Fire Burn. bye.

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