Friday, July 24, 2009

Brain mapping for new film

Here is another sneak preview from my film-in-progress, "HOMEWRECKA". I was browsing thru books in the library yesterday(actually i was looking for places to drive to for the weekend) and i found this old 60's dilapitated book. ooooh, i fell in love with it's scent of an attic. i saw a road map inside the travel book that caught my attention, so looking both ways to make sure that my coast was clear, i ripped the page outta the book, shoved it into my pants pocket (which actually had a hole in them) and split from the library. nope, the detectors never went off (only one page dummy!) Later that evening i scanned it into my computer. i (i.e. ME) played with the roadmap image. ME (meaning "i") tossed it into my film editing of "HOMEWRECKA". ALAS, I NOW HAVE CREATED THE WAY MY FILM WILL EXPLAIN THE LOCATION OF THE STORY OF MY CHARACTERS!!!! INSIDE THE MAIN CHARACTER'S SKULL :) ANd for the record, the main character IS in a coma (but shhhhh, don't spoil this for others who don't know yet)!!!

Enjoy, and click to enlarge and get deeper inside the thinking process...