Sunday, February 9, 2020

Blown Away. Wow.

The new AMAZON PRIME streaming documentary 'Ted Bundy: Falling for a killer' is beyond epic. Right when I thought the enigmatic story of Ted's disastrous life had been exhausted, here comes a documentary told from the view of his girlfriend Liz Kendall (and based on her old out-of-print book THE PHANTOM PRINCE). Liz, Rich (Ted's half-brother) and a series of other folks that had NEVER come foward before made themselves openly available for this heartfelt doc. As terrible as the murders were, this documentary is full of compassion from both sides of Ted's tragic life story. The headshot interviews, the drone cinematography and the intimate weaving of so much never-before shared archive materials is stunning. I honestly feel that this documentary is the best thing to have been made this year by any film company around regarding documentary cinema- a pure tour de force. 

r.i.p. Louise B :(  xo

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