Sunday, February 2, 2020

Parasitic confusion.

Sorry, but I just fail to see what the big stink about this 'PARASITE' movie is. I watched the movie with an open mind and simply got what I expected all along, a very standard indie movie narrative with unexpected twists that are so over the top and unbelievable that I'd have been better off predicting when the next snowfall was hitting New York City. The movie's ending looks and behaves like the ending of every single Quentin Tarantino movie ever made- an orgy blood gore fest, and the whole 'social class system' commentary was so heavy handed that it meant zero to me. I learned nothing new, except that house bunkers exist for the rich all over the world. I felt that the documentary 'AMERICAN FACTORY' taught me more about class system divisions within Asian societies than this movie's over-stylized and color saturated underground basement concoction. The casting was totally great and I commend the actors 100%, but the movie and the script are just way over-hyped. The director has been around for a long time making horror movies, and this thing he's made is not any more original than his last water monster movie. 'PARASITE' is so packed with standard Asian horror tropes that I just kept asking myself , "why are people hyping up this movie so damn much for Oscar night?" The movie did very well at CANNES, and based on it's competition there I don't really have a problem with it gaining recognition in that festival that's so cluttered with International films galvanizing on American movie aesthetics joined by a universally accepted movie idiom that's not very different than the invention of the euro coin$. But, for Oscar night, please...the movie is NOT revolutionary at all and is NOT pushing filmmaking into any new direction at all or pushing any boundaries whatsoever. This is, in my opinion, just another Asian gore-horror movie that has cloned itself into the guise of American indie cinema- which is not only a safe place to hide, but a great place to be rewarded. Profusely. bye.

p.s. If you wanna experience a truly great Asian indie horror movie that successfully preys on our ignorance of Asian social power dynamics, watch director Takashi Miike's movie, 'AUDITION' (1999 release). Now that is one holy damn scary good movie. "kitty, kitty, kitty,"