Saturday, November 21, 2009

Inspiring week, despite the rain.

This week I saw the documentary, DISTURBING THE UNIVERSE, WILLIAM KUNSTLER. It was SO moving!, and was made by his two surviving activist daughters (I cried quietly in the theatre when it ended, yes. but maybe the music manipulated me, toppled by his 2 girls heartfelt Daddy movie).

Then, to top things off this week, I treated myself to the MoMA museum and absorbed some of the featured and enormous WATERLILLIES Monet panels. BLEW ME AWAY. and i mean seriously BLEW ME to the point of questioning my own artistry. I just stared at those canvasses. and stared. and stared. and when noone could hear me talk to myself, i said to myself, "joey, why bother. THAT IS WHAT IS ART. Point Blank dummy. and THAT is what the dictionary calls, PURE PERFECTION".

ok, before I fall into a deep depression. enjoy the pics. click on em' to enlarge. and Most of all Goodbye.
for now.