Friday, October 26, 2018

FILMSTRUCK is struck down :(

P.S. these sad occurrences (like the endless closings of small art house theatres) only force cinephiles to grow stronger, to focus on obtaining physical media of films (DVD/VHS/BLURAY,16mm), 
and to dive deeper underground, protecting our familial 'community experience" bunker, straying from the stench of laissez faire group-think compliance. The truth of the matter here regarding the shocking shutdown of FILMSTRUCK (property of Time Warner who ATT just financially snatched up) is that the greedy ATT phone company is buying out and merging everything it can get its hands on in the streaming marketplace in order to challenge NETFLIX and turn all of our streaming media into one big fat corporate run new type of Cable Television Streaming Network which will begin to charge all of us consumers about $100 a month- like it or not. Go ahead ATT, I have a voice message for you - Close 'em all down... simply cuz ...

                    Bye ...