Thursday, October 27, 2016

Homage to Bergman and Jenn.

To start with, a handful of film directors (Denis, Inarritu, Haneke, Alfredson and Espinosa) are shown arriving at and then exploring Bergman’s secluded, securely monitored home on Faro. Their reactions seesaw between the holy, as though they’re touching a piece of the one true cross, and the irreverent, the humorous, the personal—viz Daniel Espinosa’s joyful and amazed discovery, not just of “Die Hard” in amongst Bergman’s massive VHS collection (he watched 1–3 films a day for the majority of his life), but that it’s a rental tape that Bergman never returned, LOL! It’s that balance that the film walks so well, building to a really affectionate, lively portrait of an elusive man and his work, which is somehow the stronger for Bergman’s own absence: it’s as if shining the individual beams of these various opinions and impressions gives us a more detailed, more affecting picture than if he were really there. 
bye Bergman, I shall visit you one day :(

p.s. Congrats Jenn Connelly! See you again at tonight's private film screening for your new one, AMERICAN PASTORAL...