Sunday, April 26, 2020

Guernica 83 years later (today) #neverforget

    April 26, 1937 Bombing
(photo I took at Guernica's Peace Museum)
In the Basque city of Guernica, the 83 anniversary of the bombing is celebrated, which on April 26, 1937 took the lives of several hundred people and almost wiped the city off the face of the Earth by Franco (who asked Hitler to do him the favor using German bomber planes hourly). This year, the tribute takes place without an audience due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today marks the 83rd anniversary of the destruction of Guernica by Facist forces. Lest we ever forget. The sirens you hear in the video (I've embedded below) are the exact sirens that warned the Basques to hide in their basements as the German planes approached. The 'Museum Of Peace' in Guernica is too profound to describe and I cried there as I listened to the audio re-enactment exhibition of the bombing, that takes place in a staged bedroom of a boy who hid with his mother as all life above him was bombed to ruins (including the elementary school) with the emergency sirens blaring with no place to go. A facist government systematically destroying its own people- a pandemic of its own very kind in that era. bye...
                                      Tribute from a 'social distanced' balcony Guernica today 

Gernikako sirena hotsa from Lobak on Vimeo.