Monday, December 23, 2019

The new Trinity stabilization camera rig.

The new Sam Mendes film 1917 uses this rig. It's essentially a crane and Steadicam all in 1!

The new indie film, THE LIGHTHOUSE is just visually and tonally insane. The director shot on negative XX B&W film stock while also using camera lenses from the 30's, a Nagra for sound and boy does this film make an experiential impact. I have NEVER seen a film that looks and feels so much like a Bergman film shot on Faro in my entire life, yet unlike PERSONA that takes two individuals and merges them skillfully into one, this film takes two individuals and slowly destroys their merged gaunt bodies and minds inside of a kettle of steaming fisherman vodka with mussels. This movie, and it's gorgeous mermaid, are nuts and proves the relevance of cinema as visual literature. Point blank. A must see, if anything for the flatulence experience in and of itself. bye...