Thursday, March 5, 2020

Mayan Lo

So, I got the recently released Special Edition BLURAY of Abel Ferrara's film, THE ADDICTION. I love Abel, and saw this film back during my film school years. I'd visit fellow artists while working on my stuff, and many struggling artists lived packed up in giant Victorian old house with about 16 rooms, a shared kitchen and bathrooms, dirt cheap rent ($300 month) for single room space on Beverly Road, Brooklyn. One of the hidden artists living there was, Mayan Lo. I never forget how kind she was and how she'd offer me editing gigs back then on the communal front porch, and how she had written a feature-length script that she was proud of yet so worried someone in the house would steal from her, that she was on the porch at around 2am, chain smoking & contemplating lighting her script on fire so that it would never end up in the hands of a corporate industry butcher or some ambitious film writer thief at the house. Mayan was so cool, so low key, and there she appears in a short 'Making of' vignette on this BLURAY with only the back of her head scrolling through footage on a STEENBECK editing machine! She was such a wall flower, and a true artist. Great to see her again and remember those times on Beverly Rd, one of the last stops on that orange line subway train that heads over to final landing - Coney Island. Riding that subway after 2am was much scarier than Abel's existential horror movie.