Sunday, February 19, 2017

Here they go again, thought the snowglobe.

Every now and then there’s a new rumor that the original, unaltered, non-Special Edition cuts of the Star Wars trilogy are on the verge of being re-released to the public. Sometimes the rumor says the original trilogy will be re-released in drive-in theaters on a double-bill with Close Encounters, other times they say the movies will be available in high-definition on Blu-ray for the first time officially. Now a new rumor has emerged regarding the release of the Star Wars original cuts, but this one is somewhat more credible. The original cuts of the Star Wars trilogy were once made available on DVD exclusively at Walmart, but otherwise, any high-definition versions have been bootlegs that fans have to download online and burn to disc themselves. There is something very special about being able to watch those versions at home without all the added visual effects and alterations George Lucas stupidly made, not just in the theatrical Special Edition re-release, but the subsequent home video releases that feature several more changes over the years that killed off his die-hard fan base and ultimately led to him selling off his franchise to Disney.