Saturday, January 21, 2017

Savage Streets

Ned Daigle of BMN Review disliked the film and said "Everything about Savage Streets is bad, from the acting, to the screenplay, to the direction, to even the horrid music score and songs performed by John Farnham who sounds like the unholy lovechild of Loverboy and Foreigner. Deplorable is the only word I can come up with as a description. See Savage Streets at your own risk."

Linda Blair is at her very best in this one. 
 And, a soundtrack that's sooo bad, it's good.
Thanks Ned Dangle for your awesome review (read review above),because all you really did was make me appreciate this film even more even though you left out the AquaNet fluffy hairstyles that were depicted. Thumbs up, the movie gets a 10 scale rating over here. bye.