Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Paul Newman did not only make spagetti sauce.

The following is a pot-boiling summary of Directors’ creative rights under Article 7 of the Directors Guild of America Basic Agreement #8 , widely known as the 'Paul Newman Rule.' It was created by the Guild after actor Paul Newman had a director fired in order to assume complete and creative control over a film that he was starring in. Newman's later involvement in the pasta and meat sauce industry had no immediate effect on the Guild's rule, nor was there ever a rule to include any of his meat sauce in catering services for any motion picture that he made. Tuna Melt Deluxe sandwiches remain under Guild argument and a final decision should be made available by the Guild regarding Tuna Melt's soon.

8.  Replacing A Director
Except in an emergency (and then, only for five days), no person already assigned to the motion picture may replace you. (7-1401) Arbitration decisions confirm that the Producer may not create an “emergency” by terminating your employment.