Tuesday, November 29, 2016

16mm print, 1970's 'dubbed' cinema

A 16mm'dubbed' print of 'The Pink Telephone' -  rare 70's indie French cinema. The irony is that this aged print's nitrocellulose and camphor chemistry has turned the movie - pink (a very nice consequence), bye...

 A Gaumont International [fr] production. 

The Gaumont Film Company is a French mini-major film studio founded by the engineer-turned-inventor Léon Gaumont (1864–1946), in 1895. It is the first and oldest film company in the world, founded before other studios such as Pathé (founded in 1896), Titanus (1904), Nordisk Film (1906), Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures (both founded in 1912). Gaumont predominantly produces, co-produces, and distributes films, and in 2011, 95% of Gaumont's consolidated revenues came from the film division.